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Review Results

To access lab results, you will click on the Lab Results button at the top-right corner of the screen. Clicking it opens a separate window showing all new and existing lab results available in BestNotes. New lab results will import every 3 hours.

There are 6 filters available while navigating available results:

From Date = Results prior to this date will be removed from view

To Date = Results following to this date will be removed from view 

Order Status = Filters based on the status of the issued order

Lab = Filters for lab results based on integrated lab partner

Provider = Filters for lab results based on authorizing provider

Show Linked Results = Displays all results currently linked to a client's chart; Linked results are hidden by default

  • New lab results will automatically import every 3 hours
  • A result's Order Status is subject to change throughout the import process
  • If a result is imported and has an identical Order Number as an existing result, it will be considered a "Corrected Result"; the new result will overwrite the previous result

Clicking the Downward Arrow icon will expand the result and display the electronic result information. Clicking the Downward Arrow icon while expanded will shrink the section:

Clicking the PDF icon will open the result in a new window, as a PDF document. While in this view, a user will be able to print or download any result available:

While the PDF result is visible, selecting the Reviewed By option will allow a user to be added into this result as a Reviewer:

Once a user has been added as a reviewer, upon viewing the result the user will be prompted to formally review the document:

Once the Review Entry button has been clicked, the reviewing user will be visible with an indication that the review has been completed:

Any user with access to lab results may hover over the Reviewed Icons to view a detailed list of pending and completed reviewers:

Link Results - Automatic

Lab results will automatically link to a client's chart if the following content is an identical match between the BestNotes chart and the imported lab result:

  • First Name 
  • Last Name
  • Birth Sex
  • DOB

Results will not automatically link to a client chart if:

  • The imported result does not identically match a chart's First Name, Last Name, Birth Sex, DOB
  • There are multiple identical matches (duplicate charts)

bulb.gifNOTE: If a lab result did not automatically link to the appropriate chart due to any discrepancy with First Name, Last Name, Birth Sex, or DOB, the result must be manually linked.

Link Results - Manual

To manually link a lab result, click the Link Icon to the left of a client's name in the Lab Results window:

Then, select the desired patient’s name to link the lab result:

bulb.gifNOTE: BestNotes will present similar charts to assist in manually linking results. Clients with similar information (such as last name) may appear as potentially linkable charts.

Unlink Results

Once a lab result has been linked, if it must be un-linked or re-linked to another chart, you can click the Unlink button near the linked result or click the correct client's name in the available list to automatically un-link and re-link the result:

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