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To see lab results, you will click on the Open Lab Results button at the top-right of the screen.

Clicking it opens a separate window showing new and existing lab results that need to be linked to their patient’s BestNotes chart.

To filter the lab results, search using the date fields, lab companies, and lab status.

Click Show Linked Results or Show Archived Results for past lab results that have been viewed, linked to their patients and archived.

To link a lab result, click the down arrow to the left of a patient's name.

Then, select the patient’s name that matches the lab result.

If there are multiple patients with the same name, then compare the date of birth with the date of birth on the lab result. Find the lab result, by clicking the Status link. This will pull up in a separate internet browser. Look to see that the DOBs are the same.

Signers can be added in the upper left.

Once the correct patient is verified, click on the patient's name and then click OK to link this result to the patient’s profile page in BestNotes.

To see this linked lab, go to the patient’s profile page, click the Med/Clinical button, click the Labs section, and the blue word Final. If a warning appears, check Remember and then click Launch Application.

Signers can be added in the upper left. For more information on signing, Click HERE.

Finally, if a lab is linked to the incorrect patient, then the link can be undone. While in the Lab Results window, check the Show Linked Results box, look for the patient that is to be unlinked, click the Search Patient down arrow, then click Unlink.

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