Billing setup

To prepare BestNotes for claims you must be logged in as the "System Administrator."

Facility management

From "Settings" select "Facilities."

In the "BestNotes - Facility Management" window you can create multiple service locations and their billing addresses. This area will include the "Facility NPI" and "Tax ID" information. All field highlighted in red are required. 

To edit an existing facility, select the name of the facility, make your changes, and select "Save." Selecting "Clear" will not delete existing facility information, but will clear the fields to prepare an additional facility. To inactivate an existing facility, unselect the "Is Active?" checkbox, and to reactivate a facility, select the "Is Active?" checkbox.

The bar at the top of the facility information will indicate whether you are editing an existing Facility, or adding a new Facility.

Next steps

Step 2: setup users, payers, and ledger

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