New System Administrator?

If your company's BestNotes on-site System Administrator is no longer available, an e-mail from the owner(s) of your company is required for BestNotes support to help set-up a new System Administrator.

To make sure your company is following HIPAA compliant standards, review the Password settings.

BestNotes server backup

  • Audit logs of database queries performed for certain activities within BestNotes are built in real time.
  • Full database backups are performed nightly and each backup is stored at an off-site location for 90 consecutive days.
  • In case of hardware failure, application servers automatically migrate to our other available hardware with minimal downtime.

For suggestions visit our Disaster recovery page.

BestNotes server information

BestNotes is a SOC II certified company. For more information, visit AICPA SOC II.

Additional Information

For more information relating to security policies and protection of electronic information, see:

US Government information

Password articles

If you have any further questions, contact BestNotes support or call (866) 543-6646.

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