New System Administrator?

If your company's BestNotes on-site System Administrator is no longer available, an e-mail from the owner(s) of your company is required for BestNotes support to help set-up a new System Administrator.

To make sure your company is following HIPAA compliant standards, review the Password settings.

BestNotes server backup

  • Critical transactions within BestNotes are captured and logged for future auditing and recovery.
  • Full database backups are performed nightly, and each backup is stored at a secondary location for 90 consecutive days.
  • Application and database servers are redundant for failover and backup purposes.

For suggestions on how BestNotes can supplement your own disaster recovery plan, see our Disaster recovery page.

BestNotes server information

BestNotes is a SOC II certified company. For more information, visit AICPA SOC II.

Additional Information

For more information relating to security policies and protection of electronic information, see:

US Government information

Password articles

If you have any further questions, contact BestNotes support or call (866) 543-6646.

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