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In the upper right-hand corner of the Q-log is a search bar. It searches the contents of all messages, both in the inbox and archived folders. Messages matching the word or phrase typed in the search bar will appear. Click the reset link in the peach colored bar (below the search bar) to return to the inbox.

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  1. Click on the message that needs a reply
  2. Click Update
  3. Enter the reply in the Create Entry/ Respond field
  4. Choose the appropriate Send button

NOTE: the Q-log transcript contains a summary of the conversation as it occurs (right-side)

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Other Options

When a message is selected in the Q-log, a user may:

  1. Print the message (located on the dark grey bar next to the archive button)
  2. Create a task
  3. Mark the message as unread


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Archiving Q-logs

Sent Q-Logs cannot be permanently deleted, but instead, can be archived to remove them from view. The originator of a Q-Log can remove both contacts and participants, leaving it visible only to the originator. Additionally, participants are also able to remove contacts, but not add contacts or participants.

Individual Entries

To archive an individual entry, click the entry and then click the 'Archive' button on the gray toolbar above the Q-Log content.

Multiple Entries

To archive multiple entries:

  • Check the box to the left of each entry, or click the drop-down arrow to the left of the New Message button and click Select All (see image below)

  • Click the same drop-down arrow and click Archive Selected

Viewing Archived Q-logs

To view archived Q-logs, click on the inbox drop-down menu and select Archived.


You can also use this drop-down menu to filter the messages in either the inbox and archived folders.

All users attached to a Q-Log, will have it appear on their review tab to read and/or dismiss it etc. From the Q-log tab, if a user clicks the Archive button, it is considered Dismissed. However, if a user clicks on reply and then either 'send' or 'send and archive', the system assumes a change and re-alerts all users attached to the Q-log.

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