The on-site System Administrator will be the only user who can access these parts of BestNotes. The Username and initial Password to log in as the System Administrator is given by a BestNotes Implementer. System Administrators will manually reset passwords and each password should be kept in a safe and secure place. After a System Administrator creates a user, BestNotes will require a user to subsequently log in when the system administrator login credentials are used first.

NOTE: IF the password has been forgotten or a new System Administrator is needed, it can only be reset with an e-mail to from the owner(s) of your company.

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Access Tags - Ability to access client's information (e.g. Lock and key)

Calendar Settings - Look of calendar

Default User Types - Quickly give a BestNotes' user permissions.

Facility - Multiple locations, Labs, and/or Service Level Tracking

Groups - Calendar views, Access, and Signatures to documentation, etc.

Password Settings - Number of characters, how often a new password is required, special characters. etc.

Reports (Custom)  - User Audit, User Billing List, User Groups, User Logins, and User Permission