BestNotes Implementation and Support can help create Incident Reports. OR, Group Notes that can be reportable.

Incident Reports:

Displays information from the incident reports that have been filled out in the Group Notes area.

  • Some companies may need to run this daily to report on what incidents happened the day before.
  • It can be filtered by Date Range.
  • This report displays: Date of Incident, Day of Week, Time of Incident, Time of Day of Incident, Duration of Incident, Duration Category, Number of Clients Involved, Type of Incident, Hospitalization Required?, Police Involved?, Severe AWOL, Person Completing Form, Date Report Completed, Names of Staff Involved, Maintenance Report Required?, Date Maintenance Report Completed, General Description of Events, Client Name, Stage, Description, Who Notified, When Notified, Notified by, and Further Action Required?.
  • This template and supporting report are often customized and so the questions listed may be different for your company. 

For more documentation on reports, click HERE.

Reportable Group Notes 

Reportable Group Notes can also be used for:

  • Attendance tracking

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