When a client has been discharged, but is returning for care, you can readmit the client for another episode of treatment. This allows you to create a new chart to start fresh with the client, without the need to re-enter all of the demographic information. You will also have the option to pull in information from previously filled out documentation.

In order to readmit a client you will need the "Add Contacts" permission.

You also need to make sure your company has the ability to use the "Episode" relationship type. If this relationship type isn't available, you system administrator will need to send a ticket to BestNotes Support requesting the ability for "Using Episode Relationships." Once you have this ability activated for your company and the appropriate permissions you will be able to readmit clients.

Readmit client

From the original chart of the client:

  1. Navigate to the "Episode" tab. 
  2. Select "Add Episode."
  3. Verify demographic information.
  4. In the "Nickname" field it is recommended to put an identifier in to indicate the newest contact (e.g., 2, case 2, etc.).
  5. Assign the appropriate tags.
  6. Select "Save."

You have now created a new chart for the client. From the Episode tab, you will see a new episode listed. 

From the "Contacts" tab you will see the new client listed, and the relationship type "Self" will automatically be assigned.

Duplicating information

Now that you have the new episode created for the client, you can pull existing information in the med/clinical of the original episode into the med/clinical of the new episode. It is recommended best practice to only pull this information forward from the intake documents to keep the treatment documents clean and up-to-date with the client's current situation. To duplicate information follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the med/clinical of the new client chart.
  2. Select the document you would like to duplicate into.
  3. Select the pull forward icon.

Once the information has been duplicated the first time, the pull forward icon will disappear. You can repeat this process for any other med/clinical documents you want. If there are any Group Notes that you would like to have transferred to the new contact, submit a ticket to BestNotes Support, including the original clients CID, the new client CID, and names of the group notes that you would like transferred. For additional information on duplicating information visit Merging duplicate contacts with no discharge date.

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