1. Please have your company's System Administrator create a ticket to turn this on.
  2. Group Notes will need to be transferred by BestNotes Support.

A Client is readmitted for another episode of treatment, but BestNotes has a discharge date on the Client's records.

  1. This will require you to make a duplicate New Client with a new Start Date.
  2. BestNotes Support recommends putting a number (e.g. Case 1 for old, Case 2 for new) in the Nickname to differentiate the duplicate contacts.
  3. Attach the previous episode client as a related contact and check "Episode" (EP) in the Define Relationship window. 

  4. Open the new duplicate client's Med/Clinical window and click this button: 

  5. This button pulls the information from the previous episode to the current episode for the tabs desired.

  • To get the Related Contact EP checkbox and the Med/Clinical Duplicate button, have your company's onsite System Administrator ask for it on a ticket through this website. 
  • BestNotes Support recommends that it should only be the first Intake document (e.g. This will keep the rest of the information fresh and make sure things haven't changed). 
  • The duplicate button will disappear after the first transfer of each document and data can only be pulled to the new contact once.

For more information on duplicating information (e.g. Activity Log), Click HERENOTE: this is for merging clients with no Discharge Date, but can be used if you need to duplicate information.

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