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Discussion Points

  • Determine Access and Fixed Tags that will be used for Patient groups. 
    • BestNotes recommends using an Access Tag that is designated for Current Patients.
    • A second Access or Fixed tag can be used for Locations (Groups) in the eMAR as well
    • NOTE: Users require the same Access Tags as their patients to administer Meds in the BestNotes eMAR
  • How many devices will be used for Signatures (Physical (Scribble) or PIN (Set up in BestNotes Client) per group - NOTE: eMAR only)?
  • Schedules (Times) when meds will be passed out in Military time.

  • The BestNotes eMAR is designed to be used in the Chrome web browser with a resolution of at least 1024x768

Links to save to devices


This is an Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR). BestNotes may add functionality over time. This is a web based application and is meant to run within the Chrome browser on a tablet or PC (see links above).


Before a user can begin

A user will need:

  • Your company's “SITE ID” from your System Administrator (NOTE: BestNotes staff only give Site ID's to designated system administrators)
  • BestNotes credentials (Username and Password) to log into the system
  • Permissions:

The Edit Medications permission allows a user to create, edit, or discontinue a medication in the BestNotes client (PC / Mac):

    • This is not required to access the BestNotes eMAR.
    • But, no medications will be available on the eMAR until they are entered into BestNotes first.
  • For more information on editing Meds in BestNotes, click HERE.
  • For more information on managing ePrescriptions and Allergies with BestNotes, click HERE.

The eMAR Access permission allows a user to access the eMAR to administer medications:

  • Includes Prep designation per Med

The eMAR Manage Patients permission allows a user to manage patient medications in the eMAR:
  • These settings are only available after user(s) set up the eMAR Configure Settings (permission below)
  • Includes Inventory tracking
  • Requires the eMAR Access permission

The eMAR Configure Settings permission allows a user to configure settings in the eMAR:
    • BestNotes recommends that this permission should be highly restricted
    • Changing settings will affect reports
    • Requires the eMAR Access permission
  • Includes creating MedPass times for Patient setup, Default Notes, and SigPad setup

Finally, once patients have active medications in BestNotes, Click HERE.

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