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 User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):



The BestNotes eMAR is designed to be used in the Chrome web browser with a resolution of at least 1024x768
In the URL, go to:

In the fields:
  1. Add your Site Id
  2. Enter your BestNotes Username and Password
  3. Check Remember Site Id before logging in. 
NOTE: This login will also access other future unreleased web based apps (if enabled). 

Once in the system, you will need to click the eMAR app button to enter the system. 


From the Patients tab, select a Location (Group based on Access / Fixed tags) on the left

  1. Select the client from the location list
  2. NOTE: Med passes can only be active/started on the date selected and if they are created prior to the time of administration. 
  3. Select the Time slot at the top

    1. Gray = future pass
    2. Blue = selected pass
    3. Green = pass has been started
    4. Orange = pass was never started (past)
  4. If using prepped medications, select the PREP button, this will add a "P" icon to the med during the MedPass 

  5. Select the green Start this MedPass  button and the client(s) should become active on the left once pressed (Only available on current date)

  6. NOTE: To set active, this must be done prior to administration of med). 

  7. Select the active client on the left to administer the MedPass. 

    1. Select the green checkmark button to administer the med OR the red X button to decline the med.

    2. Once all the meds are selected, you will need to select the Patient and/OR Staff signaturebutton above to log it. 

    3. NOTE: If the med is declined, you are required to document the reason it was declined (These reasons are reportable in the system as Show Exceptions). 

PRN (As Needed)

For PRN or STAT medications:
  1. Select the client from the patient list
  2. Then select the PRN button. 

  3. The available list of medications for that patient will be selectable. 
  4. Select the checkbox for the requested medication, then sign for the medication administration.

For patient signatures, Click HERE.


Once declined or administered, an indicator will be displayed on the client for that MedPass (NOTE: For PRN medications, the check on the patient list will not be displayed).


When a patient first refuses or takes the med off-site, but the patient does take the med, select  and :
  1. Return to the Medpass time.
  2. Select the check mark.
  3. Give a reason for the override.

This will mark the med was administered and deduct from the Inventory. No signature is required as the note is registered with the user.

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