• Set up by your eMAR System Administrator.
  • Only available if SigPads are set up.
  • Use as needed.

  1. Select a Patient
  2. Mark each Medication for the Pass
  3. The Patient Signature button will display 

  4. Select which device will be used in the upper-right (same line) 

  5. Click the Patient Signature button 
  6. A window will display to confirm that the Patient signed (NOTE: Before you click a button, wait until the next step)
  7. Open this URL link on a separate browser tab or the designated device:
  8. Enter Site ID and Device ID provided by your eMAR System Administrator (NOTE: If this URL is already open, you may need to refresh the page) 

  9. At the bottom, the patient will be able to sign
    1. Physical Scribble (Cursive)
    2. PIN (Set up in the BestNotes Client - for more information, Click HERE)
  10.  and press Accept (Do NOT press Accept if the section is Clear / empty) 

  11. Return to the eMAR to click Yes in the Confirm window 



  12. The signature will be recorded
    1. At this time, there is no place for this Signature to display in the eMAR or BestNotes
    2. It is recorded in your BestNotes Database and will be safe there until needed

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