Regular Group Notes

  1. Open Group Notes
  2. Click the History tab
  3. Select the Group Note category from the first dropdown
  4. Select a User to further filter the results
  5. Select the Group Note from the Results

NOTE: Unlocking a Group Note requires the File Audit Permission (for more information, Click HERE)

Once unlocked:

  • Change the text
  • Add or Delete a participant unless the Group Note was created from an appointment (See below)
  • Save and Lock to allow users to sign again

Calendar Appointment Group Notes

Change the text in a Group Note (see Regular Group Notes above)

Add or delete a participant:

  1. Open the Group Note from the History Tab (See regular Group Notes above)
  2. Please copy the whole note to a safe location, such as the BestNotes Notepad, before Un-Checking-In any appointment
  3. Return to the appointment
  4. Un-Check-out the appointment (NOTE: This will remove the appointment ledgers)
  5. Un-Check-In the appointment (NOTE: this will remove all content from every participant - See above)
  6. Add/Remove the participant
  7. Check-In and Begin Appointment to re-open the Group Note.
  8. Paste the content back into the correct participant's section.
  9. Save or Save and Lock the Group Note
  10. Check-Out the appointment to apply the appointment Ledgers.

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