Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Inventory Report (Click HERE)?

  • No notifications are available at this time.
  • Med reports (Medication Review) in BestNotes can also help known when Meds need to be refilled.

Taper Medications? Back in BestNotes; a new medication will need to be added.

Report Date Ranges? Only History by Patient allows for more than one day.

Med Observation? Use the eMAR as is, just add "Observation" in the Med's Notes in BestNotes

Report by Med? Use the search field in the report.

How to manage many patients? Use Groups/Locations and Access tags.

How to know the signature is the Patient's signature?

  • It is kept in the database.
  • The User's signature is used to confirm everything is correct.

Multiple Required User Signatures (e.g. staff and Dr.)?

  • Request sent to Development.
  • No Timeline has been made.
  • Use reports to confirm everything is correct.

Are Groups based on Access tags or Fixed tags?

  • Can be both.
  • BestNotes recommends using Access tags.

Is there a way to add a threshold? Not at this time.

Can a user add past MedPasses? Yes, just not future MedPasses.

How to display Allergies?

  • A company needs to integrate with DrFirst. For more information, or to begin your integration with DrFirst, contact BestNotes Support.

Notifications for Missed Meds?
  • Not at this time.
  • Use the reports to find blank times.

The Treatment Plans gets the same list.

Cost for eMAR? Free with BestNotes subscription.

Can the BestNotes Mobile app be used?
  • No
  • A mobile device can see these websites using web apps (e.g. Chrome).

Can the signature website be used to sign other BestNotes' documents?

What if Patients don't need to sign?

  • Remove any SigPads from the Settings tab.
  • This will remove the Patient's Signature button.
  • A user will still be prompted to confirm submission.

Why is the patient not displaying?

  • The Patient has a future start date.
  • The Patient does not have the correct Tag / Admit date / Gender, etc.

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