Log Review report displays Activity log (New Note Tab) documentation. Here are some scenarios to answer the following questions:


How many of clients admitted during specified date range have had an Intake Assessment completed?


In this example, we can see that two clients were admitted in the date range. One client has not had their Intake Assessment completed and the other has had it completed. We can also see that it took three days to complete (DTC) from the Admit (DOA) date to the Filed On date.

In this scenario it is best to select a single document type for the best display of results.  This way you can see all clients that have not had that document type completed in the top grouping titled 'No Document.'





For all of my clients that have been discharged in the last X-X time period, were the Discharge Summaries completed?



In this example, Erika Lew was discharged on 11-3-16 and on 11-4-16 the discharge summary had not been completed. However, the discharge summary had been completed for two other clients.



In our business, a Progress Note must be completed once per month. Which progress notes have been completed and are they being completed on time?



In this example, two progress notes have been completed in the date range selected for client Ron J. We can see that the second progress note was completed 16 days after the first progress note and it has been 35 days since the last progress note has been completed.


Our business is required to complete comprehensive assessment documents with specific timeframes. For example, we complete an Intake Assessment when the client is admitted and then they are required to have a Biopsychosocial completed within 72 hours after the Intake Assessment and a Treatment (Tx) plan completed within one week after the Biopsychosocial assessment.

How can I manage these documentation requirements?


In this example, we group by contacts so that we can see the timeframe between documents for each contact. For Kim H., the Intake was completed two days after her start date (DOA), the Biopsychosocial (BPS) was completed four days after the intake, and the MTP was completed 10 days after the BPS.

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