Using BestNotes’ third-party billing functionality, billing companies are able to register with the BestNotes system and use it as a gateway to provide billing services to other companies using BestNotes.  This functionality gives traditional BestNotes customers the option of configuring third-party billing access to their BestNotes system in a restricted and HIPAA-compliant way.   

A two-part authentication mechanism is used which combines initial authentication against a shared key defined as a ‘Billing’ user on the endpoint system and secondary authentication against the billing company’s internal user accounts using single sign-on.  All access is logged within the endpoint system, and usage is audited the same as with normal users of the system.


We’ll use ‘ACME Billing’ and ‘Good Therapy, Inc’ as examples in these instructions.  If the billing company already uses BestNotes and has been registered as a billing company option, skip to step 3.

  1. Create a BestNotes database instance for ACME Billing.  This will house ACME Billing’s user accounts and credentials that will be used in the single sign-on phase of the authentication process.  Users should be trained on the use of the BestNotes system.  Note that billing companies are charged the same as other BestNotes accounts and need to set basic users as ‘Restricted’ to avoid being billed for them.

  2. After creation of the ACME Billing database is complete, it will need to be registered by BestNotes Support as an official billing service option for existing and future BestNotes customers such as Good Therapy, Inc.

  3. Good Therapy, Inc. can now grant access to ACME Billing by creating a ‘Billing’ user to serve as an initial authentication key within their system. This ‘Billing’ user will also determine ACME Billing’s permissions and level of access.

    To create a ‘Billing’ user, a Good Therapy, Inc. user must be logged in with permissions to add new users and perform the following steps:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Users from the lower-left Settings menu button on the main navigation screen.

    2. Click the New User button to bring up the new user details dialog.

    3. Enter at least a Name, User ID, and Password in the top portion of the User Details dialog. 

    4. Specify a User Type of Billing

    5. Apply a pre-defined permission group and/or individual permissions for the user.

    6. Select the Billing Company from the dropdown. 

    7. Save the contact.


  1. The ‘Billing’ user credentials can now be communicated to ACME Billing.  When logging into Good Therapy, Inc., ACME Billing will use these credentials to initiate the authentication process.

    BestNotes will recognize the account as a third-party account and will prompt the ACME Billing user for a second set of credentials.  The ACME Billing user should then use single sign-on by entering the individual credentials used to access their own BestNotes System.

Additional Notes

  • Multiple ‘Billing’ users can be created if different permission levels need to be applied for a subset of the billing company’s users.

  • BestNotes Support can create a top-level admin site for billing companies to allow for easy navigation of the BestNotes customers they service.

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