Updates for 2020 can be found on our new page!

What's New (2020)

December 30, 2019

Manage Users Update

You now have the ability to search for users in the manage users area (see Figure 12-4). This will begin searching once the first character is entered. If you have multiple locations, you will still need to navigate to each location to search.

Figure 12-4. Search Users.

December 2, 2019

Diagnosis Code Search

We have dramatically increased the responsiveness when using the "Code Search" (see Figure 12-1) to add a diagnosis.

Figure 12-1. Code Search.

Allergy Tab

You will now be able to select "Since Birth" as an option for the "Onset Date" (see Figure 12-2). If this button is not selectable (see Figure 12-3), you need to add the client's Date of Birth on the contact page.

Figure 12-2. Onset Date, Since Birth.
Figure 12-3. Date of Birth needed.

Master Problem List Ordering Update

If you manually update the order of the Master Problem List (see Figure 12-3), the order was saved, but it was not displaying correctly when you returned to that tab. This has been addressed, and any ordering that you have previously done will now be reflected accurately, and future manual reordering will now display correctly moving forward. Keep in mind, when updating the order of problems, the problems will always group by dimension or discipline first, and then by the manual ordering.

Figure 12-5. Master Problem List Ordering.

November 19, 2019

User Reactivation Update

When a user is reactivated, they will now be prompted to reset their password when they log in again for the first time.

Academics Updates

The ability to reorder academic periods by start time or in alphabetical order is now available (see Figure 11-4). When creating new periods, they will be ordered by creation until a different ordering is selected. If you would like to have the creation order again, select the "--" option.

Figure 11-4. Academic period order options.

You will no longer see calendar icons anywhere within Academics. To add the date, click in the date field and select the desired date from the calendar displayed (see Figure 11-5).

Figure 11-5. New Calendar Funtionality in Academics.

November 13, 2019

Left Navigation Calendar

Recently we updated our calendar that appears on the left side navigation of BestNotes to display a single calendar. This gave you more visibility concerning the search results located above. For some , the ability to have dual calendars appear is more important, and you now have the ability to indicate what you want to see. From the "My Account" area in settings, you can check the box next to "Show two calendars on left-navigation bar" (see Figure 11-2) to display two calendars (see Figure 11-3). This can be set per user, and a logoff is required to see the calendar changes.

Figure 11-2. My Account setting.

Figure 11-3. Dual Calendars.

November 5, 2019

BestNotes Notification Bar

We have updated our notification bar that is located on the top of the login screen (see Figure 11-1). This notification only appears when there is an urgent matter. If there is a link "Learn more" this means that you can view additional information in relation to the matter.

Figure 11-1. BestNotes Notification Bar.

October 16, 2019

DSM-5 Content

According to our agreement with the APA we need to display a copyright notice in the areas we show content from the DSM-5 book. As a result, at the bottom of every window that includes "As Evidenced By" content within the Diagnosis Tool and the Add Problem Tool (see Figure 10-4), you will now see the following notice:

Copyright Notice: Reprinted with permission from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition.™ Copyright ©2013 American Psychiatric Association. All Rights Reserved.Unless authorized in writing by the APA, no part may be reproduced or used in a manner inconsistent with the APA's copyright. This prohibition applies to unauthorized uses or reproductions in any form. The American Psychiatric Association is not affiliated with and is not endorsing BestNotes or the System.

Figure 10-4. APA Copyright Statement.

October 15, 2019

We have done some styling updates to BestNotes (see Figure 10-3)! As a result of this, there is a possibility that when you open your BestNotes, that the sizing of objects may not be accurate. To remedy this, please log out, and close BestNotes, and reopen and log in.

Figure 10-3. Styling updates.

October 8, 2019

Installing 64bit BestNotes Mac Client

Due to the updates for MacOS Catalina, our existing BestNotes client is no longer working correctly. We have an updated Beta client to address this issue. To successfully download and install the updated version of BestNotes for Mac OS, first complete the following steps:

Select the Apple icon on the top left and select "System Preferences", go to "Security and Privacy" (Figure 10-1)

Figure 10-1. Select "Security and Privacy".

Verify that "App Store and identified developers" is selected (Figure 10-2).

Figure 10-2. Select "App Store and identified developers".

Use safari to download the application, this will unzip the application automatically. Place the application in the application folder and launch BestNotes.

You can find the updated version of BestNotes by going to our website and downloading the "Mac" version.

For more detailed instructions for downloading, visit our How to Install BestNotes - Mac.

October 1, 2019

ICD-10-CM Updates

We have updated the ICD-10 2020 diagnosis codes effective October 1, 2019. The ICD-10 2019 codes will be sunsetted as of January 1, 2020. For more information regarding the codes that were updated visit: 2020 Annual ICD-10-CM Updates.

September 24, 2019

Calendar Update

On the main screen of BestNotes, the dual calendar that sits on the left side navigation bar has been updated. This is now a single calendar, and as a result your search result area is larger to allow you to see more results when searching (see Figure 9-19). If you do not see this updated calendar, please log out of BestNotes and log back in.

Figure 9-19. New Calendar and larger seearch result area.

September 18, 2019

Portal Account Update

When your clients create a new portal account, after the verification process, they will be presented with our "Patient Portal Terms of Use" that they review and mark the checkbox "I agree to the terms of use" and then select "Continue" (see Figure 9-17). Once that is completed, they will be taken to the portal home page (see Figure 9-18). The terms of use will only appear one time upon account creation, unless BestNotes makes updates to our terms of use.

Figure 9-17. Patient Portal Terms of Use.

Figure 9-18. Patient portal home page.

September 13, 2019

Calendar Update

The calendar has a new icon (see Figure 9-13). If you don't see this icon, please log out of BestNotes and log back in. This powerful new icon will appear if you have a contact tied to the appointment. When you hover your mouse over the icon, it will indicate to click to see details (see Figure 9-14). When you select the icon, you will see the next appointment for the primary contact of the appointment (see Figure 9-15) including The future appointment details, the contact associated (primary contact), the provider of the appointment, and creation and modification information. If there are no future appointments, when selecting the icon, the message will indicate "No Future Appointments" (see Figure 9-16).

Figure 9-13. New Calendar Icon.

Figure 9-14. Hovering over the new icon.

Figure 9-15. Next Appointment information for primary contact.

Figure 9-16. No Future Appointments

September 12, 2019

OutcomeTools Updates

The kiosk pin number will now display on the OutcomeTools tab in BestNotes (see Figure 9-9).

Figure 9-9. Kiosk Pin number in BestNotes.

Clients and clinicians can now sign completed OutcomeTools assessments from the activity log in BestNotes. Select the completed survey located in the client activity log to see the results (see Figure 9-10). At the top of the survey, select the "Add Signers" button (see Figure 9-11), select clients and clinicians that are needed to sign the document and select the "Update Signers" button (see Figure 9-12). You can then sign the surveys as you would any other document in the activity log.

Figure 9-10. Completed survey in the Activity Log.

Figure 9-11. Select "Add Signers".

Figure 9-12. Select "Update Signers".

September 10, 2019

Edit client screen calendar pop-up

When inputting dates on the "Edit Client" screen, you will now have the option to select the date from the calendar (see Figure 9-1).

Figure 9-1. Calendar popup on "Edit Client" screen.

Gender Identity

The ability to track Gender Identity has been added to our edit client screen (see Figure 9-2). You can record the "Sex" as 'Male' or 'Female', and then across from that you have the ability to add the "Gender Identity" (see Figure 9-3). If the option 'Other' is selected, you have the option to enter free text to define that (see Figure 9-4). This will display on the client's page (see Figure 9-5), and within the demographics of the med/clinical screen (see Figure 9-6).

Figure 9-2. Gender Identity on the edit client screen.

Figure 9-3. Gender Identity options.

Figure 9-4. Enter free text.

Figure 9-5. Client page display.

Figure 9-6. Med/Clinical demographics display

eMar Action Button Update

If you have logged into the eMar and attempted to hover over the checkmark or the x symbol you may have noticed those buttons moving down. This was a result of chrome's latest update. We have made some adjustments to this button so this will no longer be an issue (see Figure 9-7 and 9-8).

Figure 9-7. eMar action buttons before our update.

Figure 9-8. eMar action buttons after our updates.

August 15, 2019

Appointment Reminder Update

Appointment reminders has been updated to include the option of displaying the "Provider's Full Name" (see Figure 8-7). The message of the appointment reminder has also been updated, this will now state "Reminder" instead of "BN Notice" (see Figure 8-8).

Figure 8-7. "Display provider name as" option.

Figure 8-8. "BN Notice" changed to "Reminder"

August 13, 2019

Force password reset for new user

When creating a new user, the "Force Password Reset" checkbox will be checked and disabled by default (see Figure 8-5).

Figure 8-5. "Force Password Reset" checkbox for new users

Settings Area for Reports

There is now a settings area for reports! This means that you can request to hide/view specific reports that fall under the "Custom" and "Library" sections of the report list (see Figure 8-6). This request should be submitted by the System Administrator, and can be requested by submitting a ticket to team@bestnotes.com indicating which reports your company would like hidden. Keep in mind, this setting is company wide, and once set will affect every user in the same way.

Figure 8-6. Custom and Library Reports

August 12, 2019

Calendar type update

When creating Appointment types, you will now have the ability to add one (1) med/clinical document to an appointment type (see Figure 8-3). This will open the med/clinical window and set the indicated assessment as the active tab when the appointment is checked in (see Figure 8-4). In order to take advantage of this new feature, log out of BestNotes and log back in.

Figure 8-3. Med/Clinical appointment type.

Figure 8-4. Check-in Calendar Appointment with med/clinical appointment type.

August 5, 2019

Register/Ledger report update

The Register/Ledger Report has been updated to allow for the option to group by "Procedural Code" (see Figure 8-1 and 8-2).

Figure 8-1. Select "Group By".

Figure 8-2. Display of "Group By", "Procedural Code".

July 25, 2019

Password settings

System Administrators will now have the ability to change their users password to not expire. This can be done by system administrators by navigating to "Users" and selecting "Password Settings" (see Figure 7-11). When selecting the dropdown for "Maximum Password Age" you can select "disabled" (see Figure 7-12).

Figure 7-11. Password Settings.

Figure 7-12. Maximum Password Age.

July 17, 2019

Contact page setting

The ability to designate which tab you want to appear by default on a contacts activity log is now possible (Figure 7-10)! If you would like to see another tab besides the "Contact" tab first, have your System Administrator send a request to team@bestnotes.com! Simply indicate in the ticket which tab you would like to see for each type of contact (i.e., Client, Individual). Keep in mind this is a company wide setting, if you have users that have permission restrictions to see the default tab selected, they will be defaulted back to the "contact" tab.

Figure 7-10. Choose which tab you want to see first!

July 11, 2019

Register/Ledger report updates

The Register Ledger Report now allows for you to multi-select and "Item/Code" (see Figure 7-8). You can now also select "Procedural Code" as an option withing "Fields to Display" (see Figure 7-9).

Figure 7-8. Multi-select "Item/Code".

Figure 7-9. New "Procedural Code" as "Fields to Display" option.

July 10, 2019

Template sidebar update

When using templates, you now have the ability to dictate on a company level, which tab the sidebar will default to! All companies are set to land on "AutoNOTE", but now you can decide if you would rather start with "History", "Forms", or "Notepad" (see Figure 7-7). To update this setting, send an email to team@bestnotes.com or call 866.543.6646 and let us know what you would like your default to be!

Figure 7-7. Template sidebar tabs.

July 8, 2019

Edit client screen update

When entering the patients information into the "Edit Client" screen, it will now require you to use the appropriate email format: name@url.com. If the email does not match this format when you save, you will receive a prompt letting you know the email address format is invalid. To save, you must update the email (see Figure 7-6).

Figure 7-6. Invalid email format.

July 3, 2019

Medications update

When using BestNotes, you will now have the ability to filter your medication by "Prescription Only" (see Figure 7-3). A medication is considered a prescription when it is created in DrFirst as a prescription, or when the "Type" is set to "Rx" and the "Rx #" has been entered on the Medication Entry screen (see Figure 7-4).

Figure 7-3. Filter by Prescription only.

Figure 7-4. Location of requirements for "Prescription Only" filter on Medication entry screen.

DrFirst updates

From today moving forward, for any diagnoses that has been entered or edited (update title) a patient's page, you will now have the option to add that diagnoses to a new medication or prescription (see Figure 7-5). You will not be able to add or update a diagnosis from DrFirst, and will still manage the diagnosis from BestNotes.

Figure 7-5. Adding existing diagnosis to medication/prescription.

When using the "For Review" tab to review prescription medications, all of the clients that have been updated on that page will be updated on the individual level upon selecting "Save and Close".

July 1, 2019

eMar login screen update

When logging into the eMar you will notice things look a little different! You may need to clear your cache in order for the page to load correctly. If you are using chrome, this is done by selecting "Ctrl+F5". When going to the website, you will enter your Site ID first in the initial pop-up screen. Once you have entered your Site ID you can choose to "Remember Site ID" by selecting the checkbox, and then select "Connect" (see Figure 7-1). You will then be prompted to enter your username and password (see Figure 7-2). With these changes, we will now also have the ability to notify you of system updates that affect the eMar on the login screen.

Figure 7-1. Enter Site ID first.

Figure 7-2. Enter Username and Password.

June 27, 2019

Appointment Reminders report update

The Appointment Reminders report has been updated! This report has been updated to include the Appointment information, including the appointment date and time, provider and facility (see Figure 6-8). You will also now have the ability t o filter by "Message Type" and "Facility" (see Figure 6-9). This information will be displayed for incoming and outgoing messages.

Figure 6-8. Appointment information included.

Figure 6-9. New report filters.

When confirming an appointment, if the user confirms by right-clicking the appointment (see Figure 6-10), upon hover the appointment will show "Confirmed" followed by the user that confirmed the appointment (see Figure 6-11). Any other form on confirming, including confirming from within the appointment, or by receiving a confirmation via appointment reminders to confirm, will show "Confirm" upon hover (see Figure 6-12).

Figure 6-10. Right-click confirm.

Figure 6-11. Right-click hover confirm display.

Figure 6-12. Confirm anything other than right-click confirm.

June 25, 2019

Android mobile app update

To see Apple Updates click here.

We have deployed an updated version of android. In order to receive these updates, you must uninstall your current version of the mobile app and search for the new BestNotes app on the Google Play Store. If you are viewing this document from your phone you can get the updated version here. Make sure you uninstall your current version before downloading the new version.

When viewing the calendar within the mobile app, you will now be able to see the "Appointment Type (token)" and the appointment "Status" (see Figure 6-3). In the same screen, when you are creating a new appointment, you will have the option to set the appointment as your own appointment, or as a "Global" appointment (see Figure 6-4).

Figure 6-3. Appointment Status, Appointment Type, and Appointment Subject.

Figure 6.4. Setting provider as "Global".

When viewing the client's activity log, you will now be able to create a template style note from the "New Note" area (see Figures 6-5 and 6-6). And you will also have the ability to add a new signer to an existing note in the client's activity log (see Figure 6-7).

Figure 6-5. Selecting a template.

Figure 6-6. Viewing the template.

Figure 6-7. Adding additional signers to an existing note

June 3, 2019

Med/Clinical expansion updates

If you have the "Manage Users" permission, you may have noticed that we have added several new "Assessments" permissions (see Figure 6-1). This is because we have added the ability for companies to have up to 42 assessments within their Med/Clinical! These permissions will function the same way that the permissions for the existing documents do. Due to the amount of assessments that are now available, we have updated your med/clinical to allow for collapsing of sections (see Figure 6-2).

Figure 6-1. New Assessment permissions.

Figure 6-2. Collapsing sections.

May 30, 2019

New "Library Report"

We have added a new report! You can find the new "Billing Authorizations" report in the drop down list under "Library" (see Figure 5-6). This report will show you your current authorizations (see Figure 5-7 and 5-8).

Figure 5-6. Billing Authorizations Report location.

Figure 5-7. Billing Authorization Report.

Figure 5-8. Report Criteria.

May 24, 2019

System Administrator checkbox update

The "System Administrator" checkbox has been updated. Now, if you have the "System Administrator" checkbox checked (see Figure 5-4), you will be able to run all library reports that begin with "User..." (see Figure 5-5) without having to log in as Sysadmin.

Figure 5-4. System Administrator Checkbox.

Figure 5-5. "User..." Library Reports.

May 17, 2019

Login screen updates

Two small changes have been made to the login screen. First, our "Release Notes" has been changed to read "What's New" and will direct to this page (see Figure 5-3). Second, If you are subscribed to a Profile, you will see "Profile Updates" and this will take you to the updates that apply to the profile you are subscribed to (see Figure 5-3).

Figure 5-3. Updates to the Login Screen

May 16, 2019

LOGID in Activity Log

For System Adminstrators, and users with the "File/Audit" permission only.

When hovering over a an entry in the Activity Log or General Log, you will now see the LOGID again (see Figure 5-2).

Figure 5-2. Visible LOGID.

May 14, 2019

Appointment Reminders update

When a client wants to "opt-out" of Appointment Reminders via text, they can now use any of the following phrases:

  • STOP
  • END
  • QUIT

May 7, 2019

Provider drop down update

When you are viewing your "Provider" lists within the "Edit Client" screen, you will now see Active providers listed, with Inactive providers following (see Figure 5-1). The headers within this dropdown will also now replicate what the title of the field is.

Figure 5-1. Providers listed as "Active" then "Inactive".

April 30, 2019

iOS mobile app update

To see Android Updates click here.

We have deployed an update that will only affect the iOS app. The android app will be recieving these updates at a later time.

When viewing the calendar within the mobile app, you will now be able to see the "Appointment Type (token)" and the appointment "Status" (see Figure 4-15). In the same screen, when you are creating a new appointment, you will have the option to set the appointment as your own appointment, or as a "Global" appointment (see Figure 4-16).

Figure 4-15. Appointment Status, Appointment Type, and Appointment Subject.

Figure 4-16. Setting provider as "Global".

When viewing the client's activity log, you will now be able to create a template style note from the "New Note" area (see Figures 4-17 and 4-18). And you will also have the ability to add a new signer to an existing note in the client's activity log (see Figure 4-19).

Figure 4-17. Selecting a template.

Figure 4-18. Viewing the template.

Figure 4-19. Adding additional signers to an existing note

April 26, 2019

eMAR PRN signature update

When passing PRN Medications in the eMAR, if you pass the medication, and navigate away from the page, upon return to that page, you will now see a yellow box next to the dispensed medication that indicates "Patient Signature" (see Figure 4-11). At this time, the user can click the "Staff Signature" button to sign the medication. If you are logged into the eMAR and don't see these changes, log out and log back in.

Figure 4-11. Patient Signature Update

New PCQ Report

We have added a new report to the PCQ. The report, "Preliminary Claims - Do not Auto-bill" has the same information as the Preliminary Claims report, but will only list the payer that are indicated as "Do Not Autobill" (see Figure 4-12).

Figure 4-12. Preliminary Claims - Do not Auto-bill report.

New User Permissions

We have adjusted our users permissions and added some new ones! All permissions for Assessments can now be found following the Clinical permissions in the edit client screen (see Figure 4-13). You will also notice that there are several new permissions (see Figure 4-14). We are in the process of adding 34 new tabs to be available in our Med/Clinical section in the future.

Figure 4-13. New User Permission Section.

Figure 4-14. New User Permissions.

April 24, 2019

OutcomeTools Server Migration Changes

OutcomeTools performed a server migration for better performance. There are a few changes you will notice in the system.

Expired surveys will no longer show automatically on the Master Dashboard. If you would like to see the list of expired surveys, click on the red box showing the number of surveys that have expired (see Figure 4-9). The purpose of this change is to help minimize the load time of this screen.

Figure 4-9. Select to view the expiring surveys.

All surveys will be pushed to the client's activity log in BestNotes. If you do not want surveys to display on this screen, you may contact us to opt out of this integration.

When sending the email/weblink to deliver the survey to the client, it will take your client to a list of open surveys instead of an individual survey. This will help clients to know which surveys they need to complete and will increase response rates by removing confusion(see Figure 4-10).

Figure 4-10. New weblink delivery screen.

Surveys have been updated to be better viewed on mobile devices.

April 23 2019

EULA Acceptance Workflow Update

This will only affect new users. As a new user, the first time you log in, you will be prompted to change your password, and immediately following that you will review our EULA (End User License Agreement). By checking the "I Agree to the End User License Agreement" checkbox, you are signing our EULA (See Figure 4-6). Once you have logged in, you are able to navigate to the "Settings" tab in the bottom left corner, and then "My Account". Here you will find the details of which version of the EULA you have signed, what the date and time was of your signature, and a link to the EULA that is located on our website (see Figure 4-7). For all existing users, there was a statement on the login screen that said, "By logging in, you agree to the End User License Agreement" (see Figure 4-8), therefore your "My Account" screen will also show that you have signed our EULA with the date and time of this update listed and the link to the EULA. You can view our EULA at any time by going to our website.

Figure 4-6. Accepting the EULA.

Figure 4-7. Viewing the details of the EULA agreement.

Figure 4-8. Existing users already "signed" EULA previously by logging in.

April 15, 2019

Updated Face Sheet

There has been an update to the face sheet. When this is printed and you include "Address/Phone/Details" (see Figure 4-4), this will now also record additional demographics (see Figure 4-5). These items are listed below.

In the "Contact Detail" section we have added:

  • Transgender checkbox

In the new "Additional Demographics" section:

  • Contact Type
  • Marital Status
  • Provider 2
  • Provider 3
  • Provider 4
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Preferred Language
  • Communication Preference

Figure 4-4. Selecting the printing option.

Figure 4-5. New information added to face sheet.

April 10, 2019

Group Attendance Tracking

We have added Group Attendance Tracking to our calendar! With this new feature, you can record individual client cancellations and no shows, and there are reports that will display this information. For more information about how this works, visit our Attendance Tracking Solutions Page.

April 9, 2019

Telehealth Meeting Link

As telehealth is becomes a more viable option, there is now an option to store a meeting link within each appointment. When creating a new appointment, and when updating an existing appointment, you will now have the option to store a meeting link (see Figure 4-1). Once the link has been added, and the appointment saved, you will have the option to click on the link to open the meeting from the appointment (see Figure 4-2), and you can click on this link to open the meeting. You will also be able to edit or remove this link with the action items listed to the right of the link (see Figure 4-3).

Figure 4-1. Meeting Link.

Figure 4-2. Click on saved meeting link.

Figure 4-3. Edit meeting link.

March 25, 2019

Custom Problems Update

When you are in the Treatment Plan Library, and you are adding a new custom problem, by default the active checkbox is checked, and if a user wanted to inactivate that code, they could uncheck that box (see Figure 3-6). When editing Custom Problems, you will now see the active checkbox here as well and you can inactivate code that you are not using (see Figure 3-7). Now that you have "Active" and "Inactive" codes, you also have the option to "Show Inactive" at the top of your custom problems (see Figure 3-8). Once you have codes that have been inactivated, and you select "Show Inactive", your inactive codes will appear at the bottom of the list under the heading "Inactive Problems" (see Figure 3-9). By selecting this inactive code, you have the ability to then make it an active code again.

Figure 3-6. Custom code active by default upon creation.

Figure 3-7. The ability to inactivate an existing custom problem when editing.

Figure 3-8. Show Inactive filter.

Figure 3-9. Inactive custom problems.

March 18, 2019

Audit Report Update

When documentation is completed on a "School/Program" in BestNotes, the "Patient" column in the Audit Report will now include the name of the school/program (see Figure 3-5).

Figure 3-5. School/Program name listed in the Audit Report.

March 7, 2019

Vitals Special Field Updates

We have added a new "Percent Ideal Body Weight" to the Vitals Tab in the Med/Clinical area (see Figure 3-2). This field will calculate the percentage of the ideal body weight to the actual body weight. This will also be available as a special field to populate into templates, autonotes, group notes and med/clinical fields when you add {XVITALS_PIBW} (see Figure 3-3) and within the {XLASTVITALS} special field (see Figure 3-4).

Figure 3-2. Percent Ideal Body Weight in Vitals tab.

Figure 3-3. Percent Ideal Body Weight in a template.

Figure 3-4. Percent Ideal Body Weight in Last Vitals special field.

March 1, 2019

Register/Ledger Report Update

When viewing the Register/Ledger report, if the ledger entry includes a modifier, then the modifier will be displayed next to the ledger code (see Figure 3-1)

Figure 3-1. Modifiers now displayed in the Register/Ledger Report.

February 19, 2019

Calendar Appointment Intervals

The appointment intervals now allow the System Administrator to set the appointment intervals to 10 minutes and 20 minutes in addition to the 5 minutes and 15 minutes already available. 

Figure 2-11. Appointment Intervals 10 and 20 minutes.

NOTE: Once you update appointment intervals, a log off is required for the changes to take affect. It is best practice to have the slot interval equal to or less than your appointment interval.

February 18, 2019

Edit Client Screen and SMS Update

When you are in the "Edit Client" screen, next to the phone numbers, you have the option to select them as "Preferred", "NC" (No Contact) and "Notify via SMS" (see Figure 2-7). If you select "Notify via SMS", that client will receive text message updates to that number as long as you are subscribed to Appointment Reminders (see Figure 2-8). If you then check the "NC" checkbox, this will now unselect and disable the "Notify via SMS" checkbox (see Figure 2-9), and will no longer send any Appointment Reminders to that customer.

Figure 2-7. Cell Phone number options.

Figure 2-8. Notify via SMS checkbox.

Figure 2-9. Checking NC checkbox will uncheck and disable the Notify via SMS checkbox.

If your client decides they would like to receive updates agian, simply uncheck the "NC" checkbox, and check the "Notify via SMS" checkbox.

Global Appointment Provider

When viewing an appointment in the calendar, upon hover, the first "User" listed is the provider of the appointment. When an appointments provider is set to "Global", this will now appear as "Global" instead of leaving a blank area (see Figure 2-10). 

Figure 2-10. Appointment Provider listed as Global.

February 12, 2019

Medications Special Field Update

We have updated all of our Medications special fields. These fields include "XMEDSALL", "XMEDSACTIVE", "XMEDSPS", and "XMEDSOTHER". We now include the Start and Stop dates, and the Presribing provider (see Figure 2-4) that is recorded when adding the medication (see Figure 2-5).

Figure 2-4. New fields in the medications special fields.

Figure 2-5. Where these new fields pull from in the meds tab.

Subscribed Profile Update

If you are subscribed to a profile, you will now see a Subscribed date when viewing your Profile information (see Figure 2-6).

Figure 2-6. Profile subscribed date

February 4, 2019

User Permission Group Update

The user permission groups will now be listed in alphabetical order on the edit user screen (see Figure 2-1)

Figure 2-1. User Permission Groups in alphabetical order

General Log Update

When you are viewing your General Log, and you filter by a "Log Type", you will now see an option for "Imported Document" (see Figure 2-2). This is a new note type that BestNotes is developing and currently will not pull up any information. More details coming soon!

Figure 2-2. New Imported Document type.

eMAR PRN Staff Signature Update

When passing PRN Medications in the eMAR, if you pass the medication, and navigate away from the page, upon return to that page, you will now see a yellow box next to the dispensed medication that indicates "Staff Signature" (see Figure 2-3). At this time, the user can click the "Staff Signature" button to sign the medication.

Figure 2-3. Staff Signature update.

January 18, 2019

Episode Tab Update

Modifications were made to the display of the Episode tab. We now show you what the Length of Stay is for each one of the clients programs (see Figure 1-2). We also added the programs location to display with the program (see Figure 1-3).

Figure 1-2. LOS per program

Figure 1-3. Program Location.

January 16, 2019

Diagnosis Visual Update

We have made a modification to the diagnosis tool that will improve the workflow of adding a diagnosis. We have moved the code set dropdown from the far right hand side of the bar, to be on the left hand side of the bar (see Figure 1-1). This means that your staff can work from left to right, first selecting the Code Set, then the Category, then the Code. We believe this will help your workflow be more direct and easy to use for your staff members.

Figure 1-1. Updated location of codeset when adding diagnosis

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