Transferring an application

When transferring an application, you will initiate the transfer, which will send an email to the client, and they will review and submit the application to the companies they choose. Follow the steps below to transfer the application.

Once the application has been submitted by the client, you can review the "Common Application" in the BestNotes "Admissions" module. Select the "Common" application and "View" (see Figure 1-1). Once you are in the application you will have the option to "Transfer Application" (see Figure 1-2). Within the Transfer Application dialog screen, you will see the other companies that have opted in to allow transfer, and you can select the company(ies) that you are recommending the client send their application to. Once you have made your selection, select "Transfer" (see Figure 1-3). At this time, you can "Archive & Lock" the application (see Figure 1-4).

Figure 1-1. Viewing the common applications.

Figure 1-2. To begin transferring application.

Figure 1-3. Selecting companies to transfer application to.

Figure 1-4. Archiving and locking the application.

Transferring the application will generate, and send an email to the client. This email will contain links to each company you recommend they send their application to (see Figure 1-5). The client can select the link(s) to send the application to the company(ies) of their choice. The client will then have a portal account created at that company.

Figure 1-5. Email client will receive to finalize transfer.

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