As COVID-19's impact on your business evolves, it's a good time to review alternative methods to reach clients. BestNotes serves many organizations that leverage low-cost Telehealth solutions like Zoom or GoToMeeting. Here's a brief breakdown of these products' features.


Features: HD Audio and Video, record session, medical device integration.

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Features: HD Audio and Video, record session, host a webinar.

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BestNotes has a "Telehealth Link" field in the calendar appointments to save telehealth links for easy access.

Once this link has been entered and saved, you can reopen the appointment window, and send the meeting information to the contacts added to the appointment.

Individual appointments will send an email to the primary contact, and group appointments will send an email to all contacts. Contacts must have a valid email.

Client's will have the ability to select the link in their email to join the meeting.

Once the link has been sent the icon will change, and you can select the icon to view who the link was sent to, and the date and time it was sent.

This link can only be sent once per appointment. If you need to send out a new or updated notification, you will need to create a new appointment to replace the existing appointment.

Group appointment:

Individual appointment:

You can also select the link to open your meeting.

You also have the option to "Edit" or "Remove" the link at any time.

Helpful Links

Center for Connected Health Policy: Current state laws and reimbursement policies.

APA Telepsychiatry Toolkit: Includes resources about the various aspects of telepsychiatry.

eVisit Telemedicine Provider & Platform: Telemedicine & Informed Patient Consent: Done The Right Way blog post.

For additional questions or concerns, reach out to BestNotes Support or call (866) 543-6646.

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