How do I setup a series?

Series must be created by BestNotes Support. To initiate this setup, submit a ticket detailing the surveys and time frames that you would like the surveys delivered.

How do I edit my instances?

Instances can be customized to your company needs. You can type your own instance into the "Instance" field each time. To add additional drop-down options to the "Instance" field, submit a ticket detailing the drop-down options you would like added to BestNotes Support.

If typing your own instances, be sure to be consistent with the naming of instances across clients for reporting purposes. Typing in your own instances only applies one time. You must submit a ticket to BestNotes Support to add the option to the drop-down.

How do I add more questionnaires to my library?

To request additional questionnaires, submit a ticket detailing the questionnaires you would like to have added to BestNotes Support. You can find a list of available questionnaires in our Questionnaire library.

Can you create a custom questionnaire for me?

Customized questionnaire requirements.

Can you add a pain assessment and a nutrition assessment to OutcomeTools?

It is considered best practice to complete the pain assessments and nutrition screening from the Med/Clinical section of BestNotes. These questions may already be included in your documentation, if further assistance is needed, submit a ticket to BestNotes Support.

What is the link to our company's kiosk URL to deliver questionnaires on the iPad?

The company kiosk/iPad URL can be found on the "Account Settings" tab on your Master Dashboard (see Figure 1-1). Once you have accessed the "Account Settings" you will see the "Kiosk URL" within the "Account Details" (See Figure 1-2). The "Account Settings" tab will only be available for Level 5 OutcomeTools users.

Figure 1-1. Account Settings.
Figure 1-2. Kiosk URL.

How do I signup for OQ Measures?

OQ Measures are licensed questionnaires that have an annual subscription. To sign up to use OQ Measures, you can start the signup process for access by filling out our OQ®-Analyst Software License Application & Order Form (OT).

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