Setting up Custom Test Groups

Custom Test Groups are a collection of Custom Tests available company-wide. You can add any of the existing Custom Tests to your custom test group. Your staff can then use these Custom Test Groups to quickly add a group of tests to each client's Test Results. The intent of Custom Test Groups is to minimize the amount of time it takes your staff to add Custom Tests to a client. If you don't have any Custom Tests created, you can learn how to add them using Create custom tests

The "Manage Custom Tests" permission is required. 

Additional users will need the view and edit permissions to view and edit test results.

Accessing Custom Test Groups

  1. Navigate to the "Settings" area on the bottom left navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to the "Custom Tests" area.
  3. Select the "Custom Test Groups" tab.

Create Custom Test Groups

  1. Select "New Test Group."
  2. Enter the "Name" of the Test Group and review the "Provider." The provider will automatically enter the user creating the group, however, this can be left blank by selecting the "x" to the right of the name. The provider entered when the tests are recorded will also default to the user recording the test.
  3. Select "Save" or "Save & Create New."
  4. Select the down arrow next to the new Test Group and select the "+" symbol to add a new test.
  5. From the drop-down select the test from the existing "Custom Tests" listed.
  6. Select "Save" and repeat as necessary to add the test you would like included in this group.

Now that you have created a test group, you can add this group to the client when adding test results in the Med/Clinical. You can learn more about recording test results by visiting Record custom test results.

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