There are six available delivery methods when sending a questionnaire. This document is intended to help determine which method will be the best option for the company.


This method allows the staff member to send automated questionnaires directly to a client's email. This option is only available if a client has a valid email address listed in the client details within BestNotes. The client will receive 3 reminders while the questionnaire is open. Questionnaires are delivered on the day the questionnaire becomes active, 3 days before the questionnaire expires, and on the day of expiration. 

Emails out of OutcomeTools are batched into one link at the end of the day. If a questionnaire needs to be sent out right away, the staff member can select the envelope icon to force push the email. They will receive a notice that states "Are you sure you want to send an email reminder?" They can then select continue and they will receive confirmation that the email was sent. 


This method should be used when clients are in your office and have a dedicated computer, tablet, or iPad to complete the questionnaire. When the kiosk/iPad delivery method is assigned, a unique pin number is generated for that questionnaire.

Each company has their own kiosk/iPad URL that can be found on the "Account Settings" tab (Level 5 permission required). This link can be bookmarked on whatever device is being used for clients to complete questionnaires. 

The kiosk will ask for a pin number which can be entered in to access all active questionnaires for that client to take. This is an efficient way to have client's self report data and capture their results electronically.


This method is for companies who would like to customize the email to their clients and send the weblink in an email. This link is not automatically sent and must be initiated by the clinician sending the questionnaire.

By staff from paper

This method is done by printing a paper copy of the questionnaire, having the client take the questionnaire, and then a staff member inputs the results into the computer.

By staff: in person interview or phone interview

This method is used when a staff member is interviewing the client on the phone or in person and asking the client the questions. They can then input their responses into OutcomeTools by selecting the "View Questionnaire" button and inputting the client responses.

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