The Master Dashboard is the administrative view of OutcomeTools. On this view you can look at questionnaire results across all clients, setup user accounts, export data, and see what questionnaires are due or have been completed in the last 7 days.

To access the Master Dashboard from BestNotes, you must have the OutcomeTools Administrator permission.

In BestNotes, select the graph icon in the top right hand corner.

This will take you to the Master Dashboard.

OutcomeTools has reporting that will help staff see the clients who are filling out questionnaires and the clients who are not participating. To see a list of questionnaires that were assigned, select the red "Show" button that will display all expired questionnaires.

When questionnaires expire, they will sit in the expired folder until the staff member selects the "Expires" date. Then from the "Edit Instance Details" page, the staff member can update the "Instance", "Method", "Active Date", "Expiration Date", or they can select the "Dismiss" button next to the expiration date.

Client List

This tab will show you the contacts that have been added to OutcomeTools. The admit date, discharge date, delivery method, and assigned series will be displayed. You can navigate from one contact to another from this screen.


There are two reports available, the "Average Scores" and the "Questionnaire Response Rates" reports. 

The Average Scores report will aggregate all client scores across a questionnaire. This allows companies to demonstrate an average of how client's progress through treatment according to a particular questionnaire. 

The Questionnaire Response Rates report will display the response rates based on the status of the questionnaire.

Manage Users

Level 5 user required

The Manage Users tab is where staff will import their users from BestNotes. If you are an OT only company, you will add users from this tab. For more information, visit How to setup users

Account Settings

Level 5 user required

The Account Settings tab has a list of the questionnaires available in the companies database. The Kiosk/URL is located here, as well as a place to update your company contact information. 

Another setting that can be updated on the account settings is the auto-dismiss of expired questionnaires.

When questionnaires expire they will stay on a client's assigned questionnaires list until the staff member selects the "Dismiss" button, unless your company has set an auto-dismiss number of days. For example, if the auto-dismiss expired questionnaires is set to dismiss after 7 days, then once the questionnaire is expired, it will be listed for 7 more days until it is automatically dismissed. 


Level 5 user required

Many companies using OutcomeTools are participating in research initiatives and need the visibility of their raw data. The Export tab allows you to choose what instrument and date range you would like to export, and you can then download the CSV. This will export an excel file of your raw data for companies to do any data analysis needed.


Some questionnaires have a PDF copy or scoring manual associated with them. We have included those  for your reference.

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