If you have a client that would like to use the iCal feature, you need to make sure you have that feature enabled. If you do not see the "Client iCal" in the "Edit Client" screen as indicated in the instructions below, you can submit a ticket to BestNotes Support to request the feature be enabled. When submitting your ticket, be sure to let our staff know how many days in the future you would like your clients to be able to see. This can be set to 30, 60, 90, 180, and 365 days. Once this feature has been enabled for you, you can share the "Client iCal" URL with your clients by following the instructions below.

Providing iCal URL

  1. Navigate to the client requesting the iCal URL.
  2. Select the client's name to open the "Edit Client" window.
  3. At the bottom of the "Edit Client" window, you will see the "Client iCal." Share this URL with the client to add to their calendar.

Information displayed 

When your client has the iCal URL connected, they can expect to see the following information. The information included below will only appear if they exist on the calendar appointment in BestNotes. The client will not be able to make any changes to an appointment outside of BestNotes.

  • Appointment subject line.
  • Appointment status.
  • Appointment date and time.
  • Appointment location (Facility).
  • Staff Attending (Provider).
  • Meeting URL.
  • "BestNotes CRM" identifier.

Here is an example:

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