In late 2016, Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act which included a rule called Information Blocking that is defined as the practice by an "actor" that is likely to interfere with the access, exchange, or the use of electronic health information (EHI), except as required by law or specified in an information blocking exception.

This likely means that you need to update your policy and procedures around sharing electronic health information while educating staff about this rule and its impact. For BestNotes, we encourage the use of the Patient Portal to securely share EHI. If you don't have a portal account setup for your BestNotes account, reach out to BestNotes support to get set up.

You can also use the patient's Activity Log to filter and print to paper or PDF any requested documents. There are also some useful reports in the Med/Clinical area that include: Medications, Vitals, Allergies, Labs, and Custom Test reports. 

Please stay tuned to our What's New page for development of enhanced features that will help your organization comply with this rule.

BestNotes staff are unable to provide advice or guidance on how your organization complies with this rule. Our guidance will solely focus on the technical abilities BestNotes provides to share EHI.

Learn how the new Information Blocking Legislation will affect your behavioral health clinic from the Founder and Principal of Slingshot Solutions LLC, Andrew Kessler, JD.

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