User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):


With the BestNotes Mobile App, you can harness the power of BestNotes on the go to:

  • Create, edit and access your contacts
  • Modify your MyList and Quicklists
  • View contact's demographic information
  • Make simple notes (not templates) on a contact's  Activity Log
  • Using the Review Log, add your digital signature to documentation requesting your signature
  • Create, edit, and access calendar appointments
  • Create, edit, and review the Q-log / Tasks
  • Access and review completed applications (for those with the correct permissions)
  • Sign a Note with a real signature (using a finger/stylus)

The BestNotes App does NOT:

  • Have Note Templates 
  • Access Med/Clinical Information 
  • Access Group Notes 
  • Run Reports

Ask your onsite System Administrator for your Site ID. Then, after entering the user and password information, you must create a 4-digit PIN to log in for the first time and allow you to log in faster from then on.

If you forget the 4-digit PIN or have recently changed your password:

Reset the Login:

  1. Press Logout (under the 7 button)
  2. Re-enter Site ID (System Administrator)
  3. Re-enter User (Same as BestNotes)
  4. Re-enter Password (Same as BestNotes)
  5. Create a New 4-digit PIN for the App

For more information, Click HERE

  • When entering text, please be aware that BestNotes Mobile sometimes adds an extra space before a special character.

  • HIPAA requires mobile devices that access PHI, to have a PIN and/or Password protection for Both:


iOS (Apple)  (Click HERE) -
  • Mobile App - iOS 5 (2012) - Today

Android     (Click HERE)


(NOTE: For more documentation on the Physical Signature, Click HERE)

For examples of non-compatible devices, click HERE.


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