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  • How is the intake paperwork accomplished?
    • By Portal 
    • In person (manually enter or scan paperwork and upload)?

  • Why can't I see other users? I cannot see notes that I need to see. Or, my Activity Log and General Log do not look the same as my co-worker.
    • Answer:
  1. Check Access Tags
  2. Check Groups

  • How do I print a roster or check sheet?

  • How do I check if the notes for the day are done?

  • On the Pending signatures report, we have several inactive users who did not finish signing documents. How do I remove them so they do not show up on the Pending Signatures report?
    • Answer: Reactivate the user account, remove them as a signer from the documents they did not sign, and then inactivate their account. 

  • Group Notes and Templates are not displaying as options in BestNotes? Only the System Administrator can see all the Group Notes and Templates.
    • Answers: 
      • The Template or Group Note is restricted to a group.
      • A group may have been deleted before it was unchecked (unrestricted) from the Group Notes and Templates. 
      • If a Template is gray in the Template Builder, have your System Administrator create a ticket on this website to reactivate it.

  • How do I print a client's schedule?
    • Answer:
  1. Open client's page
  2. In the New Note tab or Activity Log (bottom right) filter for Appointments
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Filter for date range
  5. Print
    1. OR, Use C - Reports and ask support

  • Dictation recommendations?
    • Answer:
  1. Use a program (e.g. Dragon products or OS apps (Apple / Windows)) or use your mobile device.
  2. Then, Clone a note (for more information, click HERE)

  • Can BestNotes help with The Joint Commission and CARF accreditation?
    • AnswerBestNotes' staff are not qualified to interpret or analyze the results of the accreditation process or audits. However, once a decision is made our staff are more than happy to help with changes to documentation. 
    • NOTE: The BestNotes default Med/Clinical assessments and treatment plans have been used for The Joint Commission and CARF accreditation, with minimal changes that can be made depending on your specialty.
    • Please review the BestNotes partner's page for a list of consultants (Click HERE).

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