NOTE: These are available resources you can use in BestNotes as your company designs their own disaster recovery policies and procedures

Settings -> Export Data:

  • Export All Contacts and their Demographics
    • NOTE: does not show relationships
  • Export Contacts and Calendar as an HTML file
  • For more documentation, click HERE


  • Related Contact by Tag displays all clients and their related contacts
    • Be sure to click the Order by: Client
    • Download a spreadsheet (.CSV) file from this icon 
  • C - Appointment Forecasting for the next week
  • Daily Census if not using Episodes (Levels of Care) to show active clients
  • P - Weekly Census with locations if using Episodes

Current Client Files:

  • Activity Logs:
    • No Filter
    • Click Print All button
    • Print to PDF 
  • Face Sheet (print to PDF)

BestNotes provides an API (Application Program Interface) that can be used by a third party programmer to pull information from BestNotes, on a nightly basis, to a system of your design. The information available includes:
  • Client Demographics
  • Episodes (Levels of Care)
  • Data Form fields
  • Logs for each client in data formats
    • NOTE: these data format logs are not PDFs, but only HTML files 
    • This does not include uploaded files

One advantage of this solution, is having data for third party reporting systems (e.g. Crystal Reports, etc.) to create dashboards or custom reports using the information pulled from the API.


Store information in a location that is:

  • Secure 
    • For one  example of an encrypted drive, click HERE.
    • Consult your IT team for what will meet your company's needs.
  • Accessible / water and fireproof safe

Things to think about:
  • What would you do if all power was lost?
  • What would you do if Internet was lost for your facility but not city wide?
  • How often should I save this information?

There are many things to think about and consider, these are just a few that we had to answer when developing our disaster recovery plan.

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