User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):


There are two permissions associated with this functionality: 

  • Lock Appointments – Allows the user to lock an appointment from being edited by any user 
  • Unlock Appointments – Allows the user to un-lock an appointment that has been locked by another user 

For more documentation on:

  • Creating Appointments, click HERE.
  • Unlocking appointments that affect Recurring Appointments, click HERE.

In addition to appointment statuses (Confirm, Cancel, Check In, etc.), users are able to indicate an appointment as being “Locked”. Details about locked appointments cannot be edited except for the status indicator (Confirmed, Canceled, etc.). Additional users and contacts cannot be added to the appointment. Also, the appointment type, duration, and other details cannot be added to it. 

NOTE: Users will now need to have the Overlay Calendars permission in order to view other users calendars using the Multi-User Single Day view of our calendar. If the user has that permission, they would also need the Schedule for Others permission in order to add a user other than themselves to an appointment.

Locked appointments will be indicated as such on any of the main calendar screens, where possible: 

Locked appointments will have their form fields turn gray and no changes can be made. The Save button is also removed as is the Delete button by the Status modifiers. 

If a user is not able to unlock the appointment, this will be the view of the appointment details dialog box: 

If the user is able to unlock the appointment though (either because they have the permission, or they were the user that locked the appointment) they will see this: 

Notice the addition of the Unlock Appt button at the bottom of the second image. Clicking this will allow the user to re-activate the appointment for editing.

For any user that has the Lock Appointments permission, they will see the Save and Lock button: 

The Save and Lock button will close the dialog box, save all of the appointment data and lock the appointment at one time. 

For more documentation on:

  • Creating Appointments, click HERE.
  • Unlocking appointments that affect Recurring Appointments, click HERE.

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