• Accumen Technology Solutions will discuss payment with your company for lab services. 
  • BestNotes does NOT charge any additional fee to interact with Accumen.
  • It may take several weeks for Accumen to reply to BestNotes for final integration.

To setup BestNotes for Labs:

  1. If your company has Payers in Settings, make sure to enter all the Payer's information (e.g. address). For more information, Click HERE.
  2. BestNotes uses an exchange service called Accumen Technology Solutions to normalize and manage lab communication between your lab company and BestNotes.
  3. Simply stated, BestNotes is interfaced with Accumen, and Accumen is interfaced with each lab company. 
  4. Have your System Administrator create a ticket on this website.
  5. Your BestNotes Implementer or your System Administrator will fill out this Interface Request Form.
  6. Only the following fields need to be filled out to make this request:
    1. EMR (BestNotes)
    2. Interface Type (either Results Only (RO) or Bi-directional to prepare orders)
    3. Practice Name, Address, State, and Phone
    4. Provider Names (all)
    5. Requester's Name and Email 

  7. Once BestNotes has integrated with Accumen (NOTE: timelines vary), your Implementer will contact you to set up a time to train you.

Each user needs their Provider NPI




User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):


 NOTE: These permissions will not be available until BestNotes receives account information from Accumen.

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