If signatures are required on a Med/Clinical document, then add any Required Signatures, found on the left side, before clicking Save Snapshot. This includes BestNotes users (Staff) who are filling out different parts of the Med/Clinical. They are not automatically added as signers, like Template Notes.

NOTE: If BestNotes Support has not set the Master Tx Plan to automatically set the Date Field (upper-right) to current, it will have to be manually changed to a date before clicking Save Snapshot.

Save Snapshot is found in the upper-right corner of the Med/Clinical window tabs. Simply click this button to have a read-only Snapshot version of that document appear on that client's Activity Log.


When Save Snapshot is clicked, a message appears for the user to confirm.

If the user, who creates the Snapshot, needs to sign the document, a second message will display for them.


Refresh the client's Activity Log to see a read-only Snapshot version of the Med/Clinical document. A user can then do the following to this Snapshot version:

  • BestNotes Users Sign
    • On Client's Activity Log
    • For Review (Dashboard/Calendar Home Screen)

Click the Signature Required button then click Sign Entry 

  • Click to open new window:
    • Create a Ledger code and charge
    • Print (to print multiple, click HERE)
    • Append (add notes)
    • Delete (with appropriate permissions - See below)

The document can now be sent to a portal account.    For more information, click HERE.

For a Related Contact / Client to sign


Delete Snapshots

 User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):



Pull Signautres from MTP to Discharge Summary

The button next to the "Discharge Summary" Required Signatures dropdown menu pulls the Master Treatment Plan (MTP) current required signatures to the "Discharge Summary."

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