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Each user needs their Provider NPI

User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):


Step 1 - Contact Setup

Before a claim can be submitted, a client needs the following in their demographics / profile page:

  • Full Name, DOB, Gender, Home Address 
  • If your company has Payers in Settings, this information needs to be added in the client's Episode tab (For more information, Click HERE)
    • For more information on adding Payers to Settings, Click HERE)
    • Payers need their full information

  • If the client is a child, the Related Contact(Parent / Guardian) needs:
    • The Guarantor relationship checked
    • If your company has Payers in Settings, a Payer needs to be added in the related contact's Episode tab (For more information, Click HERE)
    • Full Name, DOB, Gender, Home Address 

NOTE: If any information is missing, you will receive a validation error. Click OK to display the error. Once the error is corrected, click Prepare Order again.

Step 2 - Prepare Order

Click Prepare Order. Select the Ordering Provider and click Continue to Orders.

Proxy lab orders are a generated order on behalf of another provider.

NOTE: If a window appears to allow a web browser to be opened, check Remember, then click Launch Application.

Your company’s new order screen opens. The first section is populated with the Patient’s information: including demographics and insurance from the Episode tab. For more information, Click HERE.

You can open and close each section by clicking on the Plus + icon or the header bar.

The next Section is the Order Data.

Select a Bill Type

  • Client = billed to facility 
  • Insurance = billed to insurance 
  • Patient = billed directly 

Add a diagnosis code in the third dropdown.

Finally, click Submit to send out the claims.

Accumen provides a label maker. Print and place on package.

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