Each ordering provider needs their Provider NPI entered into their User Details as it is required to create a lab order:

User Permissions Required (contact your BestNotes System Administrator for user permissions):


Step 1 - Contact Setup

Before a lab order can be submitted, a client needs the following information added to their chart:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Birth Sex
  • Phone and/or Cell
  • Home Address 

  • If your company has Payers in Settings, this information should be added in the client's Payers tab (For more information, Click HERE)
    • For more information on adding Payers to Settings, Click HERE)
    • Payers need their full information

  • If the client is a child, it is recommended the Related Contact (Parent/Guardian) has the following:
    • Full Name
    • DOB
    • Gender
    • Home Address 
    • The Guarantor relationship has been applied to the Parent/Guardian contact
    • If your company has Payers in Settings, a Payer needs to be added in the related contact's Payers tab (For more information, Click HERE)

bulb.gifNOTE: If any information is missing, you will receive an error specifying the missing required information. Once the error is corrected, click Prepare Order again.

Step 2 - Prepare Order

From the client's chart, click Prepare Order. Select the Ordering Provider and click Continue to Orders

Alternatively, you may choose to navigate to the Med/Clinical section of the client's chart and choose the Labs tab to prepare a lab order.

  • If there are multiple lab integrations available in your account, you will be prompted to choose the which lab the order is intended for.
  • If a user creates a lab order on behalf of an authorized provider, this is considered a 'proxy' lab order.

Once Prepare Order has been clicked, you will be presented with a lab order window to complete. The first section is populated with the Patient’s information: including demographics and insurance from the Payers tab. For more information, Click HERE.

Each section within the Lab Order can be opened or collapsed by clicking the title bar or Plus (+) icon  .

Step 3 - Patient Information

It is best practice to enter as much information as possible while creating any lab orders, to mitigate potential conflicts or result delays. The following information will automatically import from the client's chart within BestNotes:

  • Client Demographics
  • Primary Insurance
  • Secondary Insurance
  • Guarantor Contact Information

bulb.gifNOTE: While creating a lab order, BestNotes will automatically input any information available from the client's chart through the Patient Information and Order Data sections.

Step 4 - Order Data

The following information will be available within the Order Data section:

Order Number = Automatically issued by your preferred lab partner

Order Date = Date of order creation, will default to current date and time 

Collection Date = Date of sample collection, will default to current date and time

Account Number = Selected account used for order creation

Ordering Physician = Selected physician used for order creation 

Priority = Identifies order priority when received by your preferred lab partner

Entered By =Will automatically display the first and last name of the user responsible for order creation

Collected By = Will automatically display the first and last name of the user responsible for order creation 

Bill Type = Indicates how the order should be billed

  • Client = Indicates the facility issuing the order will be billed
  • Insurance =  Indicates the client's insurance will be billed
  • Patient = Indicates client will be billed directly

CC Physician = Allows the user to include additional providers within the lab order

Comments =  General comments area 

bulb.gifNOTE: Order Date and Collection Date do not support selecting future dates.

Step 5 - Diagnosis

At least one diagnosis must be selected before the order will be valid. In the Diagnosis Search, enter any ICD-10 or DSM-5 code related to the client's diagnosis. A diagnosis may be searched by entering the code, or keyword search:

Clicking the Trash Can Icon will remove any entry previously added into the order:

Step 6 - Orderable Test

At least one test must be selected before the order will be valid. In the Test Search, search for the desired test by entering either the Test Code or search for the code by keyword:

bulb.gifAvailable test and matching codes will differ depending on the preferred lab partner you've chosen.

Clicking the Trash Can Icon will remove any entry previously added into the order:

Once the required information has been entered into the Order Creation screen, click Submit to finalize and send the order.

Step 7 - Order Requisition

Upon order submission, you will be presented with a downloadable PDF referred to an the Order Requisition. It is best practice to download or print a copy of this requisition at this time. BestNotes will not maintain a copy of this document, if it is needed at a later time you will need to obtain it via your preferred lab partner's portal. 

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