• Your company's on-site System Administrator needs to create a ticket and request Multiple Applications on this support website.
  • It is also easier to have the applications section available when portalized documents are displayed and this can be done on the same request.

If the Application's section is hidden, then perform the following for each 2+ applications.

  1. Once the 1st application is archived, the 1st client (e.g. Child) is linked, and the Related Contact has the Web Portal relationship checked, the Related Contact will only see the 1st client's portal documents (for more information, Click HERE).

  2. To add a 2nd client, Unlink the 1st client (For more information, Click HERE).

  3. Since the 1st application will be populated with the 1st client's information, the Related Contact (Parent) will click the link under Begin New Application.

  4. They will enter the 2nd client's information and Submit for Admission (for more information, Click HERE).
  5. Once the 2nd application is Archived, the 2nd client is Linked, and the Related Contact has the Web Portal relationship checked for the 2nd client, Re-Link the 1st client.

  6. The Portal will return to the 2-way communication with both clients listed.

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