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Custom Medications

From the "Meds" tab, when selecting "New Entry", all of the custom medications that have been saved in the "Settings" area are available as an option alongside the standard list of medications (see Figure 1-17).

Figure 1-17. Creating a new entry.

Indication of a medication being a "Custom Medication" can be found in the last column titled "Custom." If there is a "Y" in this column, the medication and information that comes with it was added from the settings area (see Figure 1-18). Select the "Custom" medication to add it to the client's medication list. Once the medication is added to the client, edits can be made to the medication.

Figure 1-18. Adding a single "Custom Medication."

Medication Groups

Within the "Med/Clinical" page, navigate to the "Meds" tab. In the top right corner of the medications page there is a button named "Medication Groups" (see Figure 1-19). From the "Medication Groups", select the group desired (see Figure 1-20).

Figure 1-19. "Medication Groups" in "Med/Clinical."

Figure 1-20. Select desired "Medication Group."

The medications within the selected group will appear within the "Custom Medication List", and the clients existing medications are listed below. The details of each medication can be viewed by selecting the "Expand" icon next to the medication (see Figure 1-21). If there is a medication that doesn't need to be added to this particular client, un-check the box next to that medication. Upon selecting "Save" all of the checked medications will be saved to the client's medication list (see Figure 1-22). The medications can be edited once they are added to the client by expanding the medication and selecting the appropriate action (see Figure 1-23).

1-21. Viewing the details of medications in "Medication Groups."

Figure 1-22. Adding a "Medication Group" to a client's medications list.

Figure 1-23. Editing medication from a client's page.

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