Documents can be shared to the portal for your clients and their related contacts to view and sign. All document types can be shared via the portal unless your company has chosen to only share specific documents (This custom setup can be completed by BestNotes Support). 

To share documents with your clients on the portal, you must have the "Web Portal" permission. This permission will allow you to make content available on the portal page. This permissions is never set as a default to ensure data security.

To share documents with your client's related contacts on the portal, select the "Web Portal" permission from the related contacts relationship on the contacts page. Every related contact that has this Web Portal permission will appear as an option to share documents via the "Web Portal."

Share from Activity Log

To share an item on the portal, first ensure your client's portal accounts are linked, and the document that you wish to share has been saved to their activity log, then follow the directions below:

  1. Navigate to your client's "Activity Log" and look for the globe icon.
  2. Select the globe icon next to the entry you wish to share to show the share options.
  3. Select the recipients you wish to share with. Once selected, the name will turn transparent orange.
Unselecting the recipients will remove the document from their portal. Otherwise, the document will stay on the portal for the selected recipients as long as your company is using BestNotes.

Once shared, if the globe icon on the activity log is blue, this means the document has been made available to all listed recipients, including the client, by selecting the "All Authorized" option.

Once shared, if the globe icon on the activity log is orange, this means the document has been shared with one or more individually selected recipients.

Share group notes to all participants

To share a group note to all the note's linked clients and related contacts at one time, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the "General Log."
  2. Locate the group note you would like to share and select the globe icon.
  3. Select "All Authorized" to share the group note to all of the participants and their related contacts with the web portal permission.

Now that your document has been shared, your client can log in to their portal to review and/or sign these documents. 

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