Once your custom tests have been created, the custom tests tab has been added to your med/clinical, and the appropriate permissions have been set, you will have the ability to view and edit tests results in each client's chart. If you don't have any custom tests to choose from, review Create custom tests to create individual tests, or review Create Test Groups to create . 

View test results on client chart

  1. Navigate to the Med/Clinical.
  2. Select "Test Results."
  3. You can select the double arrow to view more details, and you can select the edit or trash icon to update or delete the entry with the appropriate permissions.

Record individual test results

  1. Select "New Test Result."
  2. Select the test you would like to enter results for.
  3. Fill out or select the "Result", verify the "Provider", verify the "Date received", and add any additional notes.
  4. Select "Save."

Record test groups

  1. Select "New Test Group."
  2. Select the "Test Group" from the drop-down list."
  3. Enter the test "Results", adjust the "Provider" if necessary, verify the "Received" date, and enter any necessary "Notes" for each test.
  4. Select "Save."

Special fields and test results

There are several special fields that you can use in reference to the Custom Test results. For a complete list of special fields view the Med/Clinical section labeled Test results in our All Special Fields document.


To add this to a med/clinical document, you can send a request to BestNotes Support indicating which document you would like this added to, and where within that document you would like it placed. 

Templates and Group Notes

To add this to a template or a group note, navigate to the template builder, select the template you would like to enter the special field into, and add the special field as follows:

Viewing the results in documentation

Once you have added the special field, and you have entered results into the client's chart, you can view these results in the document. Here are some examples of how the information will appear.



If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about this feature, you can reach out to BestNotes Support.

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