August 25, 2023

Assessment update

The "Marital Status", "Preferred Language", "Race", and "Ethnicity" fields have been added to the Demographics area of the Assessments (see Figure 8-6), and they will pull from the client's "Edit Contact" window (see Figure 8-7). Your System Administrator can hide these fields by navigating to "Settings", then "System Customization", then "Documents", and "Assessments" (see Figure 8-8). Select the checkbox next to the option to hide it (see Figure 8-9).

Figure 8-6. New fields in the Demographics area.
Figure 8-7. Fields in Demographics area pulls from "Edit Contact."
Figure 8-8. System Customization to hide the new fields.
Figure 8-9. Select checkbox to hide fields on assessments.

August 17, 2023

System Administrator updates

The System Administrator user, that has the System Administrator checkbox, will now have the ability to interact with the "Default Permission Groups" and the "Password Settings" (see Figure 8-4). This was previously only accessible by logging in with the "Sysadmin" username.

Figure 8-4. "Default Permission Groups" and "Password Settings" available with System Administrator checkbox.

User Permission update

There is now a "Manage Facilities" permission in the "Settings" section of the User Permissions (See Figure 8-5). This was previously only accessible by logging in with the "Sysadmin" username.

Figure 8-5. New "Manage Facilities" permission.

August 9, 2023

Medications update

In the "Meds" tab on the "Med/Clinical" (see Figure 8-1), we have added a new field. You will now see a "Pharmacy Name", as well as a "Date Filled" field (see Figure 8-2). If you enter a "Date Filled" that is a date in the future, you will receive a warning when you save, but you will be able to accept the warning and entry will save (see Figure 8-3). The "Pharmacy Name" will pull in from DrFirst, but at this time, neither of these fields will display in the eMar.

Figure 8-1. "Meds" tab in the "Med/Clinical."
Figure 8-2. New fields, "Pharmacy Name" and "Date Filled."
Figure 8-3. If "Date Filled" is a future date.

July 20, 2023

Activity Log update

When using the "Print All" functionality of the Activity Log, the Appointments and Admission Applications are not included in that print. To provide transparency regarding this, we have added a note to the confirmation that appears when you print all that states this (see Figure 7-10). To print Admission Applications, you must first open the application, and then you will have a "Print" option (see Figure 7-11). To print Appointments, you will filter by appointments, select the appointments that you would like to "Show", select "Apply", and then select "Print" (see Figure 7-12).

Figure 7-10. Note when using "Print All" in Activity Log.
Figure 7-11. How to Print Admissions Applications from the Activity Log.
Figure 7-12. How to print Appointments from the Activity Log.

Med/Clinical update

You now have an option to display the client's "Preferred Name" in the Med/Clinical. This can only be activated by a System Administrator. To activate this for your company, navigate to "Settings" and "System Customization" (see Figure 7-5). To display the "Preferred Name" in the Assessments, navigate to the "Documentation" tab and select the "Assessment" tab, and select the "Show Preferred Name" checkbox (see Figure 7-6). This will display the "Preferred Name" in the Assessments demographics area (see Figure 7-7). To display the "Preferred Name" in Treatment Plans, navigate to the "Documentation" tab and select the "Treatment Plans" tab, and select the "Show Preferred Name" checkbox (see Figure 7-8). This will display the "Preferred Name" in the Treatment Plans demographics area (See Figure 7-9).

Figure 7-5. Navigate to System Customization.
Figure 7-6. Navigate to "Documentation", then "Assessment", and select "Show Preferred Name" checkbox.
Figure 7-7. "Preferred Name" will display in the demographics of Assessments.
Figure 7-8. Navigate to "Documentation", then "Treatment Plans", and select "Show Preferred Name" checkbox.
Figure 7-9. "Preferred Name" will display in the demographics of Treatment Plans.

Fee schedule update

If a fee schedule has been inactivated in settings, and it is still assigned to a client, you will still see the fee schedule as long as it is assigned to the client (see Figure 7-3). Previously, this fee schedule would not be visible. Once the inactivated fee schedule is removed from a client, you will not be able to see or select that fee schedule again (see Figure 7-4).

Figure 7-3. Inactive fee schedule.
Figure 7-4. Once fee schedule is changed after inactivation.

July 14, 2023

Audit Report update

We have updated the print events that are recorded in the Audit Report. The following print events will now be recorded:

  • Assessments
  • Treatment Plans
  • Templates
  • Text Notes
  • Q-Log Notes
  • Group Notes
  • Consents

Media files are recorded as downloads.

July 13, 2023

In Progress tab update

The "In Progress" tab has been updated to include a default date range. This can be updated per user by navigating to "Settings", then "My User Profile", under the "Preferences" section you will find the "Default date range for In Progress tab" with a drop-down (see Figure 7-1). This option will default to the last "7 days", but the options available are "All", "7 Days", "30 days", "60 days", "90 days", and "365 days" (see Figure 7-2).

Figure 7-1. Default date range for In Progress tab.
Figure 7-2. Default date range for In Progress tab options.

June 29, 2023

Group Note update

Users that have the "Group Notes Admin" permission (see Figure 6-3) will now have the ability to create a predefined "Subject List." When creating or editing a new group from the "Admin tab" (see Figure 6-4), you will enter the subject into the "Subject" line and select the "+" symbol to the right (see Figure 6-5). That subject will now appear in the drop-down list (see Figure 6-6). Once you have created all of your subjects, select "Save" (see Figure 6-7). When any user creates that Group Note, they will have the ability to enter a custom subject, or to select a predefined subject from the drop-down (see Figure 6-8)

Figure 6-3. "Group Notes Admin" permission.
Figure 6-4. Group Note "Admin" tab.
Figure 6-5. Create a predefined subject.
Figure 6-6. Subject drop-down list.
Figure 6-7. Select "Save."
Figure 6-8. Creating a Group Note and using predefined Subject drop-down.

Special fields update

We have new special fields for Problems, Goals, and Objectives. These special fields will allow you to pull the specified information for each dimension (see Figure 6-1). You can find these special fields in our All Special Fields document in the sections titled, "Med/Clinical" section the under "Goals, Objectives, and Problems" and "AutoNotes Only" sections (see Figure 6-2).

Figure 6-1. Dimension specific special fields.
Figure 6-2. Special fields sections.

May 10, 2023

Allergy update

All allergies will now be displayed in the eMAR (see Figure 5-1). Previously, only Drug Allergies were displayed in the eMAR.

Figure 5-1. All allergy types will display in eMAR.

April 26, 2023

DrFirst and Medications update

If a prescription is added into DrFirst, and then imported to the medications list in BestNotes, the schedule of that medication will be listed in BestNotes (see Figure 4-13). This only works when you are using DrFirst, and the medication is added into DrFirst and imported into BestNotes.

Figure 4-13. Medication schedule from DrFirst to display in BestNotes.

April 20, 2023

Activity Log update

When you link a lab PDF to a client, there will now be an entry in the Activity Log. You will also have the ability to filter for these document by selecting the "Media/Lab PDFs" (see Figure 4-11). This allows you to send these results to the portal (see Figure 4-12). 

Figure 4-11. Filter for Lab PDF in Activity Log.
Figure 4-12. Send Lab results to the portal.

April 17, 2023

Activity Log search update

We have made some adjustments to our Activity Log. Instead of listing "Comprehensive Assessment" and "Treatment Plans" (see Figure 4-9), we have updated this to display a header of "Assessments and Tx Plans" (see Figure 4-10). This header will list the documents that you have viewing permissions for if there is a corresponding document in the database. This can include more than what is listed in the Med/Clinical tab to display any historical data of documents that may not longer be used.

Figure 4-9. Old search view.
Figure 4-10. New search view.

April 6, 2023

Appointment Reminders update

When using Telehealth and Appointment reminders together, when an appointment reminder is sent to a customer via text message, that message will now include the practice name (see Figure 4-1 and 4-2).

Figure 4-1. Practice name that will be included in a telehealth appointment reminder.
Figure 4-2. An example of the text message client receive for a telehealth appointment reminder.

Allergy update

We have added new functionality to the allergies tab. When a new client is created, or if the allergies are removed from the client's chart, the allergies listed will show "Not yet specified" (see Figure 4-3). When you navigate to the Med/Clinical, and then the "Allergies" tab, if there are not allergies entered, you will have a "Mark Client NKA" button (see Figure 4-4). If you select this button, it will appear on the client's chart as "NKA" (see Figure 4-5), and it will be listed in the Allergy list as "NKA" (see Figure 4-6). You can remove the "No Known Allergy" entry at any time by selecting the trash can icon next to the entry (see Figure 4-7). This entry will also be removed when a new allergy is entered (see Figure 4-8).

Figure 4-3. With no allergy entries, "Not yet Specified" will appear on client's chart.
Figure 4-4. New "Mark Client NKA" button on Allergies tab.
Figure 4-5. Client marked as NKA will appear on the client's chart.
Figure 4-6. Client marked as NKA will show entry on Allergies tab.
Figure 4-7. Selecting trash can icon on NKA entry will remove that entry.
Figure 4-8. Adding a new allergy will remove the NKA entry and list the new allergy.

March 27, 2023

Portal update

In November of 2023 we gave you a portal update that allowed you to send all available documents to the portal with one click. We have now updated that button to also allow you to remove all available documents from the portal of the client and any related contacts (see Figure 3-1). This "Remove All" button will work whether you have shared one document, or all documents to the portal.

Figure 3-1. "Remove All" button to remove all documents from the portal.

Special Field update

The XAPPTPROVIDER special field will pull the name of the provider of an appointment into a template when the template is opened from a calendar appointment. Now, if a template is not part of the calendar appointment, this special field will pull the logged in user's name into the template.

February 13, 2023

Login screen update

When logging into BestNotes, you will now have the ability to select the show/hide icon in the password field to view the password that was entered (see Figure 2-1).

Figure 2-1. Show/hide icon in password field.

Vitals update

The color chart in vitals has been updated to the latest American Heart Association levels and ranges (see Figure 2-2).

Figure 2-2. Updated color chart, levels and ranges.

January 27, 2023

System Customization update

There is a new section in "System Customization. Navigate to "Contacts", then to "Client", and find the section titled, "Required Fields" (see Figure 1-10). This new section will allow System Administrators to search existing fields from the "Edit Client" screen and set those fields as required when creating a new client (see Figure 1-11 and 1-12).

Figure 1-10. New "Required Fields" section.
Figure 1-11. Select field to set as "Required."
Figure 1-12. When creating a new contact, those fields will be required.

January 26, 2023

Calendar appointment update

When viewing the hover details for an appointment, you will now see a section that displays the Provider of the appointment (see Figure 1-7).

Figure 1-7. Provider displayed in appointment hover details.

Group Note Admin tab update

When viewing the "Admin" tab in "Group Notes" (see Figure 1-8), there are two new columns. The first new column shows the template that is assigned to that group, and the second column shows if the Group is restricted to certain User Groups (see Figure 1-9).

Figure 1-8. Navigate to Group Notes Admin tab.
Figure 1-9. Two new columns in Admin tab.

January 19, 2023

Med/Clinical update

When you filter by dimension in the Master Problem List, Problem Details, or the Summary of Progress sections (see Figure 1-5), the other sections visible on the same document will automatically have the same filter applied (see Figure 1-6). This will only update the filter for the document that you are one, and will need to be applied for each document. Stay tuned, as our team is working on creating more functionality regarding this feature!

Figure 1-5. Selecting a filter option in the Master Problem List.
Figure 1-6. Problem Details is assigned the same filter automatically.

January 5, 2023

Med/Clinical update

If your assessment or treatment plan document includes the Problem Details, Summary of Progress, or the Problem List sections (see Figure 1-1), there will now be a filter on the top right side of reach section with the list of dimensions (see Figure 1-2). You will be able to select which dimension you would like to see in that filtered section (see Figure 1-3). If you save snapshot with the filters selected, the snapshot will only include the items within that filter (see Figure 1-4). These sections can only be independently updated for now, but further updates to this functionality will be coming in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates!

Figure 1-1. Sections that include this feature.
Figure 1-2. Filter location.
Figure 1-3. Filtering options.

Figure 1-4. Saving snapshot.

January 1, 2022

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