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 Contact Page

  • Academics Button - Opens Academics Module for that student
  • Activity Log (New Note tab) - All Documents, Notes, Templates, Appointments, etc
  • Appointment - Returns user to Calendar
  • Authorizations (Auths) - Located in the Episode tab > Payers, keeps track of Insurance auths based on units used from CPT codes found in the Ledger Settings.
  • CID - Contact ID or contact identifier number in BestNotes. Also known as Patient ID in Med/Clinical.
  • Contacts Tab - Related contacts and their permissions
  • ePIN - electronic 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) signature
  • Episode / Level of Care - Select Program with start, end dates, and Payer
  • Files - 5mb (or less) uploaded documents for a contact
  • Forms - Data Form templates (for insurance information, reports, etc.)
  • Med/Clinical Button - Assessments (Intake, Nursing, History(Hx)/Physical), Treatment Planing, Medical (Meds, Vitals) documents that can have a Snapshot of that document added to the client's Activity Log
  • OutcomeTools - Surveys for outcome results
  • Register - Register Ledger entries for managing billing
  • Tasks - Tasks for a user to complete with the contact (displays contact's name on Tasks)
  • Templates - Standard notes or letters with possible AutoNotes to add to Activity Log or send to contacts
  • vCard - electronic data to copy a contact to another program (software, e.g. Google)
  • View Map - Opens address with Google Maps on web browser

 Edit Contact Window

  • Access Tags - Permissions to display contacts for users with the same Access Tags
  • CID - Contact Identification (ID) in BestNotes Database
  • DOA - Date of Arrival (Start Date)
  • DOB - Date of Birth
  • DOD - Date of Discharge (End Date)
  • ID - Identification for company use
  • Pref - Preference
  • Providers 1-4 - Rename for company use (e.g. Therapist, Doctor, etc. contact BestNotes Implementer), Envelope - Send provider e-mail.
  • Tags - Categorization of contacts


  • eMAR - Electronic Medication Administration Record - Track meds
  • Portal - Parent connections, sign docuemnts remotly, etc..

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