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Touchscreen Mobile Devices (Tablets, Cell Phones, Laptops, etc.)

BestNotes Support would like to know:

  • What mobile devices are being used with the BestNotes mobile App. 
  • What Tablets are used to run the full Bestnotes client (e.g. Microsoft Surface Pros 1-3 (Not RT), Surface 3 (Full windows, but Atom processor not compatible), etc.)
  • What other touchscreen devices are being used to run BestNotes? (e.g. 2-in-1 Laptops)

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I'm using MS surface pro 3; also using iPhone mobile access.

Thank you Cosette,

This is very helpful. We are currently looking at other mobile devices (Tablets) that have full windows (Not RT). What is your experience using the Surface Pro?

I would like to be able to access BN on the iPad I use for work. Can this be done?

Hi Bonnie,

A BestNotes Implementer has replied to your ticket on this topic. 

Also, I would like to help others further understand a possible roadblock with Bonnie's question. The iPad and iPhone can only run the mobile version of BestNotes. The BestNotes mobile app does not have all the features of the BestNotes Client (software program). You would have to have a full Apple OS system (Laptop / Desktop) to run the BestNotes Client which has all the features.

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