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Linking forms with notifications/alerts

It would be great to see a way for a user to receive an alert or notification when a form is due; for example a Treatment Plan may be due within 14 days of a client's admission, and the Best Notes user would receive an alert that shows up in their tasks list or via email that this is due.

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This would work for me and my patient population.  Any ideas on how to implement  it?

Kate Hume

Thank you for your interest on this topic. We have discussed this with our development team. We will let you know when this is possible. In the mean time, here is a work-around if you are not already using it:

  • Upon admission, staff could create a Task on the client's profile page
  • A calendar Appointment (appointment type with reminder) and schedule it for you.


Greg Borgholthaus

Documentation Manager

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Thanks, Greg!  That's an easy fix.



YES definitely would like to see alert systems in place for things even if they aren't related to one particular client.


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I know this is an older topic but I just wanted to chime in and say that we would love an alert system!

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I know many of my staff would also like this feature!


Any word from Best Notes on where they are on this?

In the solution from Best Notes it says: "Upon admission, staff could create a Task on the client's profile page"

Is there anyway to create a "recurring task". Right now when we have a document due on a monthly basis we are listing this task on each users task list and then we have to repeat the same task 12 times for the whole year. It seems like there should be a way to choose "recurring task".

Adding "multiple users' to the task would also reduce individual task listings.

Thank you Scowan,

One workaround could be having recurring appointments with the document. This way, you can have multiple Users on an appointment, the document will open upon Check-in (provider) or Begin Appointment, and it will prompt you and every user each month (for more information, click HERE).

We still like your Task requests, so I have created a ticket for our developers to review. We will let everyone know when these become available. I have also started a new Forum string with this request ( NOTE: The more "Likes" this Topic gets will help us prioritize New Features or Improvements.

To answer your Alert question:

At this time, there is no update or timeline on completing a BestNotes alert system. We will notify everyone when this feature is available.

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We would love this feature!

Has anything been done on this topic about an alert system instead of just using Tasks or appointment?

Hi Kim,

Thank you for your question. This has not been developed. It is on our developer's task list, but we have no timeline of when this will be released.


Greg Borgholthaus

Documentation Manager

Guys, I know you are busy at Best Notes, but this is a feature that is really needed. Please think about putting it on your priority list.



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