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Task Improvements

What new features could improve the BestNotes' Task section?

NOTE: The more "Likes" this Topic gets will help us prioritize New Features or Improvements.

To start this off, here are 3 requests we have already received:

  1. Add multiple Users
  2. Recurring Tasks
  3. Notifications

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Any word on when this may be completed???

It sure would be useful....



We do not have an update at this time. We are currently working through our backlog of requests. I have added your information to this request so that you will be notified when these items are developed.

The recurring task feature would be extremely helpful.

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Automated or template tasks would like nice - similar to how you can add an 'admit series' to outcome tools - add a series of tasks that people can populate for clients to track required timelines of tasks to be completed

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