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connecting to eMAR

Will there eventually be an easier way to connect directly from BestNotes to the eMAR?  Perhaps with a button similar to ePrescribe?  Our nurses find it confusing to connect outside of BestNotes via Chrome. 

This came up with our nursing and MA staff today.  They were very vocal in their support of eMAR integration within BN.

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Why can BN not integrate the Medications with the eMAR?  There is so much work involved in having to set up the medications on the client's medications profile page, and then; I have to go outside to a different URL to access eMAR to "finish" editing any med changes, (ie, adding/changing med times). Why can't this just be an option on the med profile page?

Please, BN, can you just make the Medications/eMAR and integrated system, so that when a medication is put into the client's med profile page, I have the ability to enter the med times, (as well as adjust med times), from the main page. 

The eMAR is in need of an update!

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